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St.Mary's Snehalaya Opportunity School Trust,Bangalore

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  • Rev. Fr.Geevargis George Pulayath
    1. Name of the Charity institution: St.Mary s Snehalaya Opportunity School Trust 2. Registration number and date of incorporation: Reg.No 739/2004 (All
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      1. Name of the Charity institution:
      St.Mary's Snehalaya Opportunity School Trust

      2. Registration number and date of incorporation:
      Reg.No 739/2004 (All Donations are eligible for deductions u/s 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961).

      3. Name of the Promoter, Parent Church and the Patron:
      St.Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Cathedral Bangalore.

      4. Objective. Current activities, future plans:

      St.Mary's Snehalaya Opportunity School (A home for Differently Abled
      Children) is the effort of St.Mary's Cathedral and St.Mary's Public
      School. The School Started in 1998 by the guidance of the Lord and under the, then Vicar, Committee members and the Well Wishers. Our Vision to see the gifted Children to live with pride in the future with love ,respect and Confidence and guide them towards a satisfactory vocation in life. Our Goals are to enable the children to be self-sufficient and independent, provide support and strength to the families, Develop self confidence and self respect, Help the Children from financially backward families to have better care and training, Mould each child to be self-supportive, and teach them to meet the challenges of life with dignity and courage. So Our Charitable Organisation runs basically with the help of large hearted people who donates generously towards the betterment of these special children of God. Generous donations will go a long way in achiving
      our goals.

      5. Special requests/remarks, if any:

      Remembering the Opportunity School in your daily Prayers, Sponsoring a child (Rs.5000/= per Child), Donating equipments needed for the School, Spreading the word about the institution,Donating generously to the cause.

      6. Location Address:
      St.Mary's Snehalaya Opportunity School
      Trust.#13,Queens Road, Bangalore 560 052. India

      7. Phone number & e-mail id. :080 22202854

      Fr.Geevargis George Pulayath
      Vicar, St.Mary's J.S.O Cathedral
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