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Fwd: FW: What's going on in India?

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  • Thomas Daniel
    ... Dear colleagues, brothers and sisters. I have met Rochunga Podaite. He s for real. I have a two page memo from Radio Station Voice of the Andes, HCJB,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2001
      --- "Robert C. Davis" <prcdrcus@g...> wrote:

      Dear colleagues, brothers and sisters. I have met Rochunga Podaite.
      He's for real. I have a two page memo from Radio Station Voice of the
      Andes, HCJB, commending this event to us for our prayer and financial
      support. HCJB has a sterling reputation dating back to 1931. This will be an
      historic event with tremendous short and long term impact. Note what 911 is
      contributing to the mix. The Muslims won't like that. I happily forward this to you.
      Clarence Church - jacalteco@c...

      RE: Prayer and Action Alert About One-million Hindus Who Are Going to renounce their Faith on November 4 and Make a Decision to Align
      with a Different Religion

      If you've never forwarded an email before, this is the one to forward. At TruthOrFiction.com, we've been following a story that is sensational
      in its scope yet has mostly been reported through the eRumor Underground.
      Because of it's significance, however, and because of the shortness
      of time, the eRumor Underground is going to be the most effective way
      to get the word out.

      On November 4, 2001, there is going to be a historic gathering in India
      of an estimated one-million "outcasts," the people who are the lowest
      of the low in the caste system of Hinduism. The significance of the
      gathering is that each of those who attend going to be renouncing Hinduism.
      Additionally, they are going to hear a presentation of Buddhism and
      of Christianity and most of them are going to decide on the spot which
      faith they are going to embrace.

      I spoke this evening with the man who has been chosen to make the
      presentation for Christianity at the meeting, Dr Rochunga Pudaite.
      Dr.Pudaite is a native of India and an international Christian leader.

      We need to mobilize massive prayer for him and those who will hear
      his message that day. There is also a significant need for Bibles to
      be supplied for the mass meeting.

      The event is almost stranger than fiction, but many of you have come
      to trust TruthOrFiction.com for the truth about stories that circulate
      in the eRumor Underground on the Internet, and we have verified the
      facts about this one.

      Here's the story:

      As many of you know, there is a class of people in India who have
      been born into what the Hindus regard to be the lowest caste, the
      untouchables." Known as the Dalits, or literally "broken people,"
      they live in slums of mud and foul water and are relegated to doing India's
      "dirty jobs." Most of them are stuck in misery. In recent years, the Dalits
      have begun to fight back and a civil rights movement has emerged. In fact,
      many African-Americans have taken interest in, and applauded, the Dalits'
      efforts to improve their lives. The more the Dalits have pushed for
      progress, however, the more opposition has emerged from higher caste segments of Indian society.

      A Dalit named Ram Raj has risen to the forefront as a the popular
      leader of the outcasts. He is one of the few Dalits to advance to
      any level of influence in India. He is well educated and is the
      Income Tax Commissioner in New Delhi. He has argued eloquently for
      various improvements in human rights for the Dalits and some have
      likened him to Martin Luther King in the Civil Rights Movement in the United

      Dr. Pudaite says that not since Ghandi has there been this kind of
      leader the Indian people have followed. After working hard for changes
      for the Dalits, Ram Raj came to a point where he concluded that the Dalits
      needed to change religions because they didn't have much a chance for
      progress as Hindus. The result was that through his influence, it was decided
      that there would be a massive gathering on November 4 in India at which one- million college-educated Dalits would renounce Hinduism. It was also
      originally decided that there would be presentations at this mass gathering on
      behalf of Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity and each of the Dalits in
      attendance would decide which to choose.

      After the terrorist attacks of September 11 in the United States,
      the Moslem representative was removed from the program, much to the
      dismay of the many Moslems who condemned the terrorist activities and
      did not want Islam characterized by them.

      Dr. Pudaite invited Ram Raj to visit with him in Colorado
      Springs, Colorado during August, 2001. The two men spent 8 days
      together and only they and God know what happened in Ram Raj's heart,
      but as the organizer of the mass meeting, he is making sure that a clear
      presentation of Jesus Christ be made.

      As of now, the rally of one-million will feature presentations from
      two representatives of Buddhism...and one presentation from
      a representative of Jesus Christ, Dr. Rochunga Pudaite.

      How many of the one-million may decide to follow Christ? No
      one knows, but Ram Raj has told Dr. Pudaite to be prepared for at
      least 200,000 who may decide to be baptized that day. Further,
      Ram Raj has said that the ripple effect of conversions to Jesus Christ
      on November 4 could result in multiplied millions of conversions to Jesus
      Christ among the Dalits.

      Dr. Pudaite has been given the privilege of speaking on behalf of
      Christianity to the mass gathering, but he is only one of multitudes
      of Christians in, or from, India who have been representing Jesus to
      that great country and who are working and praying for this historic
      event. Additionally, Dr. Pudaite has arranged for a leading
      Indian intellectual and respected Christian author, to write a book
      called "The Quest for Freedom and Dignity," copies of which will be
      distributed during the event.

      Here are the requests:

      Pray for Ram Raj that he will come to a clear understanding in his own
      heart about Jesus Christ and make that known.

      Pray for Dr. Pudaite's safety, his health, and that he will have
      clarity of thought and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

      Pray for those among the outcasts who are right now deciding whether
      to attend the event and renounce their Hindu faith.

      Pray for the more than 300 million other Dalits who will potentially
      beinfluenced by the decisions made on November 4.

      Pray for the large number of Christians in India who have been
      working and praying for this day and who will be ministering to those who do
      decide to embrace the Gospel.

      Also, we need to give.

      Only about 100,000 Bibles in the language that is needed are available
      so far and Dr. Pudaite told me he'd like to have a minimum of 400,000
      for the mass meeting. One-million Bibles wouldn't be a bad idea. They
      cost about one U.S. dollar per Bible to provide and if you'd like to help,
      you can go to the web site of Bibles For The World at { HYPERLINK
      http://www.biblesfortheworld.com}www.biblesfortheworld.com for

      Or, you can call 877 717-2256 to make a donation.

      The bottom line is...spread the word wherever you can to other
      Christians, to pastors, to Christian organizations, and to Christian media for a massive joining together in prayer for November 4.

      Dr. Pudaite is suggesting that prayer be planned in each time zone to
      correspond with November 4 in India. In the United States, for
      example, that would be November 3 because India is ahead of the United States by
      several hours.

      It is a historic moment.
      Rich Buhler

      Rev. Robert C. Davis

      "God does love us, but we will never know how much he loves us until
      we dare to repent; Until we see how much God had to forgive in us, we can't
      really see the height of his love."
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