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Re: Mulanthuruthy Synod

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear Dn. Prince, In SOCM Forum Digest 2622 message (3) you have put in like the following:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2008
      Dear Dn. Prince,

      In SOCM Forum Digest 2622 message (3) you have put in like the following:<"His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatios Peter IV came to Malankara in 1876, and convened the Mulanthuruthy Synod at Mulanthuruthy Mar Thoman Church on June 27�30 (Mithunam 15 - 17). This synod was pivotal in the history of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church. It gave birth to the popular and democratic 'Syrian
      Christian Association Committee'; a body comprising of representatives from the Parishes of Malankara." >

      You might be aware that even before this Synod the democratic body
      comprising of representatives from Parishes of Malankara was functioning.

      The Mavelikkara Padiyola, Kandanad Padiyola, etc. were the minutes of such gatherings. All those gatherings were representatives of various churches spread across Malankara, and hence it is a fact that our church affairs were run through democratic way of functioning. But in Mulunthuruty Synod we got an Association formed, and it was made mandatory that a properly elected representatives were only eligible to attend in such a Association meeting.

      Another important milestone in the history of our Malankara Church is the division of Malankara church into various dioceses, headed by a
      Metropolitan. Till then the sole administrative responsibility was vested (or wrested) on the Malankara Metropolitan. Naturally the division into dioceses were not in the liking of the then Malankara Metropolitan, and hence he has shown his displeasure to HH visit, the subsequent calling of a meeting at Mulunthuruthy etc. But people in IOC started projecting HG's act as the struggle to keep the Church's independence from the Mother Church.

      The truth is that HH act saved the Malankara Church keep its Syrian Orthodox faith - otherwise the Malankara Church would have gone under the control of the then Palakkunthu Metropolitan - who later became the first head of the Marthoma Church, and claim it as a national church with protestant leanings in line with the Anglican Church, but kept the Syrian identity with it.

      The current IOC MM & Catholicos want the Malankara churches under his full control like it was ran in the 19th century, and the independent nature of individual churches are getting curtailed. The IOC-ians like this way of governance, but the JSC churches do not, and the conflict goes on for more than a century or so. Independence of individual churches is the beauty of our Malankara Church, and it is a fact that each parish is owned by its members only, and we never allow surrender of this right to anybody. This is the uniqueness of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church.

      Please keep in mind while doing the research on this subject. You need to look the truth, rather than to give emphasize on certain per-determined notions in your mind. Few historians in both sides of yester years never tried to do justice to the truth. One historian from IOC even tried to rewrite the Kerala history to suit to his line of thinking, and it is highly diplorable.

      May God Almighty give you wisdom and patience to do justice.

      CJ Varughese
      Mem ID 1012

      But a proper
      It is wrong to say that the Mulanthuruthy Synod gave birth to the popular democratic
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