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Re: Congrats to Thaipparambil Babychayan

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  • Varghese Abraham
    Dear all, Fr.KKJohn has sent a message explaining the reasons for his stand post 1995 SC judgement.He has mentioned that HB.Baselios Thomas Bava is tha person
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2008
      Dear all,
      Fr.KKJohn has sent a message explaining the reasons for his stand
      post 1995 SC judgement.He has mentioned that HB.Baselios Thomas Bava
      is tha person mostly responsible for SOC staying as it is,not
      attending the Parumala association.This is the central line of
      argument of almost all who switched to the IOC post 1995.They say

      1)SC judgement favoured unity
      2)They followed it because they love peace
      3)HH Patriarch Bava was for unity
      4)HB Catholicos Thomas Bava derailed it

      It is twisting of facts to suit their stand.

      SC judgement mentioned that there was split in Malankara association
      post 1970.It favoured a unity through an election of malankara
      association and then malankara metropolitan.SOC was also for unity
      and peace.But it had bitter memories of past unity efforts following
      another SC judgement.It had rushed into a unity talk and peace
      process in 1958 and ended up gettng cheated.So this time it did not
      want peace at any cost,but peace with self respect and recognition of
      the rights of the parish chuches and diocesses under it.Nevertheless
      it initiated talks with IOC.But IOC was trying to push through
      things which they could not get through in the 1995 SC
      judgement,first and foremost, accept their Catholicos as malankara
      metropolitan.This was a ploy,like they did in 1958 when at the last
      moment they added "subject to 1934 constitution" in the
      agreement.This would in effect mean that SOC has forfeited all their
      contention since the 1970 split.

      But SOC this time being smarter did not agree to it.It wanted an
      election to malankara metroplitan post. IOC did not want an election
      for malankara metropolitan since it would mean that the split is
      again officially acknowledged.It also feared about losing
      majority.IOC did not come back for talks despite letters from HH
      Patriarch.Now the IOC tried the age old tricks it had tried
      earlier.It had tried the same with HE Murimattathil Thirumeni and HB
      Augen Bava in the past.This time it was on a greater scale.
      Peace advocates may say they were interested in peace and voluntarily
      joined IOC.But the fact is that many of them were offered
      posts,placements and monetary benefits to switch sides.

      IOC felt that SOC will become weaker through these measures.Many
      parishes where 95% of the people were with SOC and even the rest 5%
      had actually swithed sides post 1995 were witness to the machinations
      of the IOC.Trouble was created deliberately by IOC to close down the
      churches.It is unfair to blame HB Thomas Bava for creating trouble.It
      was done by IOC, mostly in the Kandanadu diocess.Finally SOC filed a
      petition for implementing SC verdict of 1995.Well the IOC did not do
      it!SOC had to do this because the the IOC did not want an election as
      stated earlier.SOC knew that IOC could cheat even in an election by
      duplicating church numbers and Catholicate centres.There was no
      checking of electoral rolls prior to the election.When this was
      refused and with the realisation that taking part in the election
      will be like walking into a trap set by IOC,like what happened in
      1958,SOC decided not to take part in it.Well,some might ask why did
      SOC insist on election during the peace talks earlier.The answer is,
      the election was OK, subject to the rights of the parishes and
      diocesses under SOC.This was not guaranteed.

      The option for SOC at this juncture was to form a separate
      association,mind you not a separate church, making use of the rights
      as enshrined in the Indian constitution.SOC could very well have
      formed a separate association even in 1958.The Indian constitution
      was in force even then.But it gave peace a chance.And it was cheated
      in the process.This time it was smarter.Those who forget history are
      bound to relive it.

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    • Paul Joshy
      Dear Johnachan, Now the word UNITY has widely been used by IOC(duplicate) for material pleasure and for cheating SOC. The ordination of H E Thomas Mor
      Message 2 of 2 , May 30, 2008
        Dear Johnachan,

        Now the word "UNITY" has widely been used by IOC(duplicate) for material pleasure and for cheating SOC. The ordination of H E Thomas Mor Divanyasious as H B Catholica is a natural culmination of the 1971 split in the Malankara Sabha which is entirely contradictory to your agrguement as it was Divanyasious' personnel interest in the aftermath of the 1995 SC verdict. H E Thomas was in fact saved the majority of the faithful syrians who fought for their natural justice and belives who were cheated, time and again by the IOC. the unity preachers were lured by money, position and power while majority of the parish members were not ready to accept the preachings of the UNITY bishops. You can see why Kolenchery and Kadamattom Churches are still closed down if the true believers were interested in UNITY as against HE Thomas' wishes. the UNITY members actually filed cases against true syrians in these churches. Everybody knows that fact of the fate of a former prominet SOC IAS officer who switched side to the IOC along with UNITY group on the expectation of getting Chief Secratary's post for Kerala.

        It was only HH Patriyarkese Baawa endoresed HB Thoms I's endeavour in
        mustering all the Believers in true Syrian beliefs when HH visited Kerala in 2004 and we don't need your certificate for HB Thomas I Catholica's efforts.

        JM Paul
        ID 4030
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