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100th anniversary of Metropolitan ordination of Mor Koorilos Paulose - 31st May 2008

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  • John Philip
    The Syriac Christian Church of India is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Metropolitan Consecration of Mor Koorilos Paulose Kochuparambil, the former
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      The Syriac Christian Church of India is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Metropolitan Consecration of Mor Koorilos Paulose Kochuparambil, the former Malankara Metropolitan and head of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church on the coming Saturday and Sunday (31st of May and 1st of June 2008).

      Special functions including seminars, photo exhibition etc. on the life and times of the metropolitan will be held at the Panampady St. Mary’s Church where the mortal remains of the Holy Father is interred.  The two day programs will begin on 31st May 29, 2008 with the Holy Qurbono being celebrated by His Eminence Mor Thimotheos Thomas, metropolitan of Kottayam and Archdiocese of Greater India. On Sunday June 1, 2008, Mor Gregorios Joseph, metropolitan of Kochi and the Secretary of the Malankara Episcopal Synod will offer Holy Qurbono. The seminars and other functions will be led by Very Rev. Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil, Fr. Dr. Mani Rajan and other eminent scholars of the Church.

      It was on 31st May 1908, H.E. Mor Koorilos Paulose Kochuparambil was elevated to the high priest-hood by the then reigning Patriarch of the Holy See of Antioch and all the East and the supreme head of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church, H.H. Moran Mor Ignatius Abded Aloho II (Abdulla II). The historical consecration ceremony was held at the St. Mark’s Syriac Orthodox Monastery in Jerusalem. H.G. Mor Dionsuysis Geevarghese Vattasseril who became the Malankara Metropolitan after Pulikottil Mor Dionsyius Thirumeni too was ordained Bishop along with Mor Koorilos on that gracious occasion.

      The late Malankara Metropolitan was born on December 4, 1850. At the age of 9, he was ordained a deacon by Mor Koorilos Yuyakim, the Patriarchal delegate to Malankara. Later at the age of 16, His Eminence entered full priest-hood (Kassisso).

      In 1876, His Eminence was raised to the order of Ramban (monk) by the then visiting Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Pathros IV. In 1895, His Eminence went on a historical pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jerusalem along with his mentor St. Gregorios Chathuruthil (Parumala thirumeni).

      Following the removal of Vattasseril Mor Dionsyius from the Malankara Metropolitan-ship in 1911, Mor Koorilos Paulose was elevated to the highest order as per the decision of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Association held at Aluva Thrikkunnathu Seminary.  He continued in this position till his demise in 1917.  During this period he had to face great hardships because of the intense rivalry caused by the Churchs dissidents. At the height of the church disputes His Eminence left seminary and was welcomed with great respect by the parishioners of the nearby Panampady St. Mary’s Church where he spend the rest of his life.

      It was during the tenure of His Eminence as the Manager of the Kottayam Old Seminary, that the Chapel in the seminary compound was established. During that period the seminary building was also renovated. The St. George Church at Trivandrum which is now in the possession of the Malankara Orthodox Church was established by His Eminence in the early 20th century. He has taken great initiative in the starting of many Monasteries, churches and schools.  His Eminence is one of those high-priests of the Church who is revered and remembered by old timers as well by the later generations with great respect. His simplicity and prayerful life is a great model for the thousands of peace loving faithful of Malankara.

      If the information is correct, the Holy Synod of Malankara is seriously considering the proposal to confer sainthood to His Eminence. If that happens His Eminence will be the third prelate of Indian origin, after St. Gregorios of Parumala and St. Athanasius of Aluva, to be elevated to sainthood.

      For a detailed biography and photos of the sacred tomb of His Eminence and the Church where he is entombed, kindly visit: http://www.syrianchurch.org/bio/MorKoorilosKochuparambil.htm

      John Philip
      St. Joseph's Cathderal,
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