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Re: Congratulations to Thaipparampil Babychayan

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  • Rev. Fr. John Kunjukunju
    Dear Joy, In SOCM forum, under the caption, Congratulations to Thaipparampil Babychayan, posting # 8, digest # 2611, dated May 23, 08, you wrote: He was one
    Message 1 of 2 , May 25, 2008
      Dear Joy,

      In SOCM forum, under the caption, "Congratulations to Thaipparampil Babychayan," posting # 8, digest # 2611, dated May 23, 08, you wrote:"He was one among my SS Teachers, who has got the same vigour in disciplining the kids. We all call him lovingly "Thaipparambil Babichayan". He along with Shri PD Thankachan (Paarel Thankachayan) are the backbone of not only the Sunday School, but also in all other activities of our lone Jacobite Church, surrounded by 4/5 Orthodox Churches in the vicinity. There were a trio at that time - one left the Syrian Orthodox faith and now migrated to the Orthodox Syrian faith (known among the IOC as Rev.Fr. KKJ). The third one known as "Valuparambil Kochunjachayan" - a real genios in faith matters, and knowledgeable in Church History. But his migration to IOC is a mistery to not only to me to all our Church Members."

      You had in the past wrote many times directly and indirectly tarnishing my name, in the forum. Once you wrote to me, "Sorry, if I have offended you." On all these occasions I opted not to write back in the public forum to avoid unnecessary arguments but surely I have written to you many letters explaining why "I DID NOT LEAVE THE HOLY CHURCH BUT ONLY OPTED FOR UNITY." I had also sent documents explaining the reasons and background of such a decision. Thus your statement, "His migration to IOC is a mystery to not only to me�" is a lie; you know the facts, but you are unwilling to acknowledge it the right way for which I do not blame you. So long as you do not want to learn the right way, and stick to the truth, nothing can be done.

      The mystery is very simple; (1) SC verdict: HH the Patriarch, HH both the Catholicos (of Kottayam and Moovattupuzha) all bishops and prominent leaders from both sides publicly said, the verdict was in favor of unity. The core reason for church split in seventy was the issue of "St Thomas Throne." The SC not only did not discuss it at length but summed up the whole issue in one sentence, "The use of title, St Thomas Throne, is honorific." Neither the Patriarch nor the Catholicos, nor the bishops nor the leaders disputed that observation by the SC; not only that, the Patriarch's declaration, "We accept the verdict as the Will of God", "Divided church is not a good witness of Christ," "We stand for unity," etc is still a living document.

      I believed it is the duty of each faithful to obey the Patriarch in whom I had invested too much trust and strive for unity and I started towards that goal setting aside my partisan view. It is also on record that HH has commended in high terms the unity efforts of Mor Athanesius and Mor Milithios. Mor Deevannasios claimed that the SC decree was in favor of patriarch faction and he deposited the fee required for Maleemutt Commission. More than eight times leaders from both groups had joint sittings for unity. Is it fair to unilaterally allege that the whole wrong was on the Orthodox side and Patriarch-side is guiltless?

      Then what tilted the mind of HH is worth pondering. Truth will not prevail when someone is poised to divide and rule. Disunity was the personal necessity of Mor Deevannasios and he achieved his target by instigating and inflaming the people's sentiments in the name of "Antioch and North" through rowdism, intimidation and threat which no fair-minded individual can tolerate. There are advocates of separation in both the factions, disunity is for their advantage. No doubt, Catholicos-faction underestimated Mor Deevannasios' ability to mobilize people for a separation. Anyone who has faith in the doctrine, canons and traditions of the church is bound to work for unity of the church and I believe I do stand for what I believe is right.

      There are certain factual errors in your posting because you relied on your faulty memory:(1) Thaipparampil Baby was not a Sunday school teacher during 1963 to 68, when I was the Sunday School Head Master. He was senior to me and Thankachen. After passing matriculation, Baby joined in the Kerala Govt service as a Forest Constable. He used to frequently visit the church, that is all. Baby became active in the church affairs after his retirement in early ninety's.

      "The trio" you mentioned were, (1) Parel Thankachen, (2) Parvelil George, and (3) myself. Parel Thankachen left for Bhilai for three or four years in early seventy's. He returned in 1976 and continues until now in the Sunday School/church. George left our church in 1968 and joined in the Income Tax Dept and now he is IT Officer in Mehsana, Gujarat, which you ought to know. Mr. Paul or Jacob (Delhi) might be able to tell you correctly.

      I appreciate your good words about me, though I am not a genius as you said. I am ready to again send you documents showing why I opted for unity- though it remains a distant dream- if you are interested, to solve a mystery.

      (2) My pet name was "Achankunju," not "Kochukunju," contemporaries called me Kochujohn.

      Instead of going endlessly, I stop here with a request not to drag my name unnecessarily, Johnachen.

      Thank you and God bless you !!
      # 003
    • CJ Varughese
      Dear & Respected Johnachan, Thanks for correcting me. I also requested Bro. Reji to publish your rejoinder to my observations in SOCM Forum. I acknowledge you
      Message 2 of 2 , May 26, 2008
        Dear & Respected Johnachan,

        Thanks for correcting me. I also requested Bro. Reji to publish your rejoinder to my observations in SOCM Forum.

        I acknowledge you as one of my best Sunday School Teachers, and I really meant that, and I still stand on that you taught me in my Sunday School Classes. Especially the Church History. I don't think history can't be destorted. History remain same. If somebody want's to rewrite history, and tell others this is the right one, then definitely there will have differing views on it. "Unity", "Love", "Forgiveness" are all good, if the intention is good. I would have appreciated your conviction of Unity, if you stand alone, not siding with others. Now I got it very clear, your hate of Mor Dionasios is the main reason you leave the Mother Church. The North-South divide in our Church is not a new thing. Even it was there when Vattasseril Thirumni was the Malankara Malpan. Another Malapan and His contemporary really bursted out on Vattaseril Thirumni on this issues in early 20th Century.

        Regarding 1970s split again in Malankara Church was the need of the hour. It wasn't orchestrated by Mor Dionasios; the faithfuls anger against how Mor Vattakkunnel Thirumni's election as successor to Mor Augen Bawa. Recently I came across an eye-witness of the same, a Journalist, who went to report the enthronment. Her proximity to Mor Augen Bawa compelled her to visit the confined prelate on this occasion. According to her, Mor Augen Bawas literally confined to House Arrest; branding His as insane. The then IOC hierarchy feared him a lot; and none of them want HH in public. My journalist friend swear that Mor Augen never write such a letter questionining the authority of HH Patriarch. His obedience to the Throne of Antioch is unquestionable. She literally fought with the care-taker of Mor Augen, and had a very pleasant meeting. Mor Augen was very happy to see her at that time of agony, and remembered lot of things which, she as a child had witnessed during her childhood, when Mor Augen was a Metropolitan at Muvattupuzha. My point in mentioning all this is nothing, but to remind you that since 1970s, whatever had happened in Malankara is an orchestrated one; and there is no truth at all. The multitude of people, who are still suffering with the un-ethical way of IOC treating them can't forget the injustice they have met with. Our Church, and its members are lucky not to face any of such difficulties. Our Sahada (Mor Ignatios) really helped all our faithfuls, and still protecting our church. In early 70s once the satanic forces tried, but failed to harm our Church. I am a witness to it, but you may not. It's all God's will, not any individual's might.

        I, as an individual faithful, am not going to gain anything in being stern to my faith; even I do not carry any distant hope of unity of Jacobites with IOC. Unity in faith matters is different; why can't you be an ambassador to it.

        I seek your forgiveness, if any of my observations hurt your feelings.
        Regards,Varughese (Joy)

        CJ Varughese
        Member ID 1012
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