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Re: Malankara church in Denver, co?

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  • Fr. George Parathuvayalil
    Dear Brother Larry Thank God for providing us a church in Denver, Colorado. The address of our church is St. Mary s Jacobite Cyriac Orthodox Church, 3410 W.
    Message 1 of 3 , May 21, 2008
      Dear Brother Larry

      Thank God for providing us a church in Denver, Colorado. The
      address of our church is 'St. Mary's Jacobite Cyriac Orthodox
      Church, 3410 W. Walsh Place, Denver, Colorado 80219'. Our Phone
      number is 720-274-0169. We have Sunday Holy Qurbana in English and
      in Malayalam. Holy Qurbana starts at 9:30 am. We have English,
      Malayalam and Syriac speaking members in our church. I am sure,
      with you, we together will enjoy in our Lords love.

      With prayars, Fr. George Parathuvayalil.

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Brother Larry wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I was introduced to the Oriental Orthodox church thru a schism
      > of on such church in the Denver area. My family is very interested
      in a Malankara/Marthoma/Jacobite church that is in the Denver area.
      Our only problem is this, we are Hispanic/Navive American Indian and
      we dont speak the language of Malyalam. So, my question is, does the
      > Denver area have a church of this nature that also caters to the
      > English speaking community. I am very familiar with the history of
      > these churchs and the doctrins and theology.
      > I know there is the OCA that is available but for some reason we
      > are not attracted to this liturgy. We like the culture of India and
      > the rich spirituality. I have many Syriac/Malankara Qurbana videos
      > that I have from the internet and watch them quite a bit.
      > Our background is the traditional pentecostal churchs. We are
      > also concerned about fitting in with these community's because of
      our past's. We both came out of the street lifestyles and are
      heavily tattood. We usually cover them up in our old church so we
      dont distract.
      > So If you could please advise on what route to take in our
      > search.
      > Grace and Peace in the love of Christ
      > Brother Larry
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