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Re: "Knanaya Sabha" or "‘Knanaya Archdiocese"

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  • Shinu Jesus Abraham
    Greetings to All I could only agree with Mr. Kochumon s post especially with the below. Once upon a time in the beautiful strip of south India there was a
    Message 1 of 7 , May 8, 2008
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      Greetings to All

      I could only agree with Mr. Kochumon's post especially with the below.

      Once upon a time in the beautiful strip of south India there was a
      group of blessed "Suriyani Christianikal". They didn't had had any
      metropolitans for many centuries but still were very much united and
      respected. Then came many schisms and breakaways...resulting in
      ordinations of Metropolitans. Further it became necessary for each to
      expand further resulting in divisions into diocese and even more
      Metropolitans.. Now nobody know how many denominations are there in
      in "Gods own country" and no idea of the total number of
      Metropolitans. So we can very easily say the number of Metropolitans
      in any Samudayam/ Sabha/ Denomination is not a reflection of its
      prosperity but can be the opposite or else Kerala must have become a
      Heaven by now. The short term advantages are masking the long term
      disadvantages and differences which are resulting in the
      disintegrations and divisions- at least the history say so.

      But the most disturbing is that even with all these it is the "Tanku
      bro's and Mullakkara bro's are today's heroes who provide "feasts" and preach "half gospels" and "quarter gospels". Just a ride around
      central tranvancore will show the multitude behind them and the
      palatial properties they own in prime areas where traditional churches are struggling and is still debating "who won in 1958, who won in 1995 and more importantly who is going to win in 1925 and how much profits we can generate by running a educational or similar institutions...

      Some metropolitans CV reveal they have closed down more churches than
      they initiated and started. Long time we all lost our way and no one
      understands it.

      I earnestly wish i will be proved wrong.

      May God help us all Suriyani Christians.

      Shinu Jesus Abraham
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      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Kochumon Mannicherry wrote:
      > Most Knanaites don't think they need more than one metropolitan but
      that's their internal affairs i don't think Jacobites should interfere
      in it.Don't forget Knanaites never say anything about forming new
      diocese for Jacobites where there are only few Churches for Jacobites..
      > Kochumon Mannicherry
      > # 1019
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