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Re:Obituary - Wife of Kaniamparambil Achen passes away

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  • Rev. Fr. David Cheruthottil
    Dear Respected All: It was so sad to hear that the Very Respected Kaniyamparampil Cor-Epicapa Achen s Ammai, was taken away by our Lord s hand and entered in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2008
      Dear Respected All:

      It was so sad to hear that the Very Respected Kaniyamparampil Cor-Epicapa Achen's Ammai, was taken away by our Lord's hand and entered in her Eternal life. Indeed, Ammai will stay in Heaven at His right hand, because of her loving nature kind hearted to the humen being, as He told to the right hand thief, during the crucification of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Ammai and Achen have been very good to me since 1968, while I was a secretary of the Late Catholicose H.H. Basalious Ougen Mar Themothios. I went to his residence many times during the printing of the Prayer Book for the Passion Week. Achan was a well known scholar and Bava Thirumeni, who was the translator of that book, told me to discuss with Achen for any corrections that were needed. Bava Thirumeni was the Syriac Language Teacher and Kaniyamparampil Cor-Epicapa Achen and was thrilled to help me. It was in 1973 that the Book was published with the help of Kaniyamparambil Achen. Still they treat me always as their Sptiritual Son and we will always go to see them, during our visit to Kerala and they are glad to see us. While I was at their residence Ammai was hosting me with good food and hospitality. She was a well known host and treated everybody with kindness because of her loving nature. Ammai was the best right hand for Achen. I hope God will give him courage for the rest of Achen's life. Now Achen needs our Prayers so his future work for the Church to continue, which was helped by Ammai.

      May her soul rest in peace at the Bosom of our Father's Abraham, Issac and Jacob and our Lord's Right Hand side. I express our deepest Condolences from me and my family and from the members of our Church, St. George's MSO Church in Carteret, NJ. May God Bless and take care of the Bereved Achen and his rest of the family.

      Fr. David Cheruthottil
      St. George's MSO Church
      Carteret, NJ
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