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$ 10,000 from IOC coffers at Devalokam

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  • J Kurien
    In continuation to one Fathers comment in an IOC forum regarding the possible apostolic visit of His Holiness, that faction members as usual has started to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
      In continuation to one Fathers comment in an IOC forum regarding the possible apostolic visit of His Holiness, that faction members as usual has started to create hue and cry on the likely patriarchal visit once again.

      One person in IOC forum using that thread has even gone to the extent of commenting that a $ 10,000 must have to be channeled to the Patriarch every month from the rich coffers of Malankara Orthodox faction’s treasury at Devalokam to bring him under their control !!!. Surely its a great idea indeed !!! May I sincerely hope that these IOC think-tanks try this method which has been practicing by them in Ernakulam as well as in New Delhi for the past many many decades.

      In a way we are thankful to these people for all these publicity. In 1982, it was Malayalam Manorama who took the leadership in questioning holy Patriarchs visit to Malankara. Every other day they were carrying news items from front page interviews with their own Catholicos, to reports made by others. Thanks to all those negative publicity creativity of Manorama !! I will say they made the Patriarchs 1982 visit a huge success with positive publicity in all the OTHER newspapers and media.

      After 18 years, in 2000, Manorama partially withdrew from this adventure and the baton was taken over directly by those in the top circle of IOC who tried to canvass the then ruling BJP politicians by even summoning some of their leaders in Pazhaya seminary in Kottayam in the night. Ultimately IOC head even gave a big advertisment in Manorama portraying the holy Patriarch as merely a Syriac person who has no connection with his Malankara Orthodox Church etc. etc. Thanks to all those negative publicity, our people's enthusiasim increased, the 3-day holy fathers visit once again become a huge success. This visit of HH in 2000 and the reception to HH at Kottayam became the biggest event that had ever happened in Kottayam town. Till to this day such a huge gathering of faithful were not witnessed ever in Kottayam town, even during HH Pope’s visit.

      Now comes 2004, when the baton of making hue and cry was transferred to Yuhanon Milithios of Thrissur who managed to arrange several stage shows along with IOC heads by calling press conferences through the length and breadth of kerala. As a culmination to all these, our great ecumenical Muvattupuzha head, managed to file a case in high court through three persons, one a Christian, another a Hindu and then a Muslim, asking to prevent the Holy fathers visit on the basis of law and order issue etc.. As usual history repeated once again. The two week apostolic visit became the most successful visit ever.

      And now comes 2008, My best wishes to think-tanks and the great Event Managers of IOC in Devalokam, Ernakulam, Trivandrum and New Delhi.
      J Kurien
      Member ID # 2310

      NB: After Holy Fathers visit in 2000, IOC blamed the central BJP government for supporting the Holy Fathers visit.

      In 2004 IOC blamed Congress led by Oommen Chandy government for allowing the Holy fathers apostolic visit and even threatened to withdraw 34 MLAs from the Congress ministry led by Antony and later Oommen Chandy governments.

      Now in 2008, IOC says that the Communists are supporting the Jacobite Syrian Church.

      So let me hope IOC will henceforth come forward with a fourth front in the national level to fight againt BJP, Congress and Communits. Best luck to IOCians of Devalokam.
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