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Re: Live telecast of holy Mass (Live from Damascus) is a possible idea?

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  • Fr. David Cheruthottil
    Dear Respected Moderators and Respected All the Readers: Recently, I could see some of the messages regarding live telecast of the Holy Qurbano (live from
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2008
      Dear Respected Moderators and Respected All the Readers:

      Recently, I could see some of the messages regarding live telecast of the Holy Qurbano (live from Damascus,)which is to be conducted by our Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, H. H. Moran Mor Ignatious Zaka I Iwas.

      My suggestion is that, First of all, Holy Qurbono is not a Program like Cultural Program, Sports, Concert, Drama or any other out door activities, such as some of readers replied in this "SOCM-FORUM."

      Secondly, Holy Qurbono is a "MYSTERY OF CHRIST"! That is why it is HOLY! And we could not telecast IT. That is why, during the time of the Qurbono, after reading the Nicean Creed, all the unfaithful must step out from inside the Church.

      Thirdly, Holy Qurbono is not like business, such as other regular business. It is a Mystery which was done by our LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST did in HIS Last Supper. WE are worshiping this Mystery, because Jesus told to his Apostles "Do in Remember of ME, when you partake of this Sacrament, commemorating MY Death and My Resurrection until I come". So Holy Qurbono is a HOLY Mystery, it is very Holy as it is a Sacred. No question about it, because as a Christian we must believe in it and must do it!

      Fourthly, Those who want to see the Holy Qurbono, he or she must take pain to go to Church and participate in it. Then only he or she will benefit from it and get the Blessings & satisfaction and the Salvation from sin. If we watch it through vedeo or any other media we don't get the concentration, perfection and the benefit. We must see this and take it very seriously, otherwise we are humiliating and I feel that, we are respecting our Lord Jesus Christ.

      So, Dear Friends! Please keep in mind, don't try this to telecast the Holy Qurbono- which is done by the Holy Father or any other Celebrants or Priests-it is humiliation to our Faith and our Belief of our Church. Of Course most of the Celebrants are or were taped the Holy Qurbono, including myself, but it is for their personal use, may be it is for learning purpose, or learn to correct any mistakes for improvements only. I am saying this for my self only, I don't know about others. Please don't make Holy Qurbono as business venture. Please treat IT, as a Mystery and Sacred as a Holy Sacrament. This is only my opinion Any comments are welcome to this briefing. I appreciate and thank you for the comments on this Subjects, from Mr. Anoop Mani and Ms. Rinu Sam. We must educate ourselves more about the Holy Sacraments and other religious Rituals. For that may our God help us! and Bless us. Thanks to all of you respected Writers and Readers.

      Thank you

      Respectfully Yours,

      Fr. David Cheruthottil
      St. George's MSO Church
      Carteret, NJ. 07008
      Member Id # 4076
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