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Re: Five Questions to “Indian” Catholicose

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  • Vinup Vendrapillil
    ... Dear George achen, If Iam not mistake.and may be achen achen dont know about the real history of syrian orthdox chruch I would like to point out some of
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 14, 2008
      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Fr. George T. wrote:

      Dear George achen,

      If Iam not mistake.and may be achen achen dont know about the real
      history of syrian orthdox chruch I would like to point out some of
      facts I think this will useful for achan as well as the others who
      doesnt know about this.

      Catholicose post was establihed by the syrian orthdox chruch from
      the begning of chritian era.

      It was around the year 300, an attempt was made for the first time
      to establish the Church in the Persian Empire in an organised form.
      The initiative for this was taken by Bishop Papa (Baba, AD.267-329)
      of the Persian royal capital at Seleucia-Ctesiphon with the consent
      of the Patriarch of Antioch.

      It is believed that the title 'CATHOLICOS' was first used by this
      Bishop Papa. Anyhow, neither this Seleucian bishop nor his
      successors, until 410, never had any authority over other bishoprics
      in Persian empire and hence the title Catholicose, if ever used by
      Bishop Papa, does not mean in the same sense as it was known later.

      MOR ISHAQ (Issac), the bishop of Seleucia becomes the head of the
      Persian Church. He is the one who is acknowledged as the
      first "CATHOLICOS", with jurisdiction over the entire Persian

      And its true that due to introdution of nestorian faith and for a
      short term the catholicate was under nestorians.

      Mor Mana 420 Deposed from the Catholicate because of his Nestorian

      Mor Dadyeshu 421-450

      Mor Babowai 450-484 Martyred by order of Persian King Peroz

      The Catholicate fell into heresy after Mor Babowai

      And again in 559 syrian orthodox were re united under the leader
      ship of Jacob bordano in AD 559 (ie reson for syrian orthdox called
      Jacobites) and the term maphriayoons were estabilsed in AD 629.

      The term `Maphrian' is derived from the Syriac word `afri',
      meaning, "to make fruitful". In the mid 13th century the
      title `Catholicos' was adopted by some occupants of the
      Maphrianate . It is this title that is being used in India today,
      while the title `Maphrian' is no longer used.

      In 1860, Office of the Maphrianate of the East was abolished as per
      the decision of the Universal Synod held under the Patriarch Mor
      Ignatius Ya`qub II at the Deir ez-Za`faran Monastery (Kurkkumo
      Dayro) in Turkey.

      In 1964, the office of the Maphrian was established in India, with
      the title `CATHOLICOS'. This was as per the decision of the Holy
      Episcopal Synod of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, held at
      Kottayam, under the venerable presidentship of Mor Ignatius Ya`qub
      III, the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East.

      Mor Baselios Augen I 1964-1975
      Mor Baselios Paulose II 1975-1996
      Mor Baselios Thomas I 2002

      So it is very much clear that its the Partiarch of Anthioc is
      supreme authority the apoint a catholica or to abolish the the post.
      and the term cathoclica is really belong to the Universal syrian
      Orthodox chruch. But in Indian aprat from the syrain orthdox chruch
      the term is used by Malnkkara rethu and Indian orthodox also.

      Vinup Vendrapillil
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