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Kunnackal Church

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  • Baby Paul
    Dear All, Slomo in the name of our Lord Christ, I am writing with heavy heart, as a member of this Church, it is my duty to keeps you informed about the
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      Dear All,

      Slomo in the name of our Lord Christ,

      I am writing with heavy heart, as a member of this Church, it is my
      duty to keeps you informed about the Kunnackal church due to latest
      issues. Mar Athanasious of MVPA do not have any follower in this
      church and Meempara Mar Severious is the troubleshooter.

      St George Valiya Pally as largely called had its first stone laid in
      Nov 1913 and first holy Mass was celebrated in 1916. This is encrypted on the steps to holy altar. It is seen from the deeds that it is established for the spiritual needs of the Jacobites in the area under Holy See of Antioch. In September 1912 Murimattathil Mar Evanious was uncanonicaly named as Mar Baselious Paulose I catholica by a monk (deposed Patriarch) and established a separate church. It is worthy to note that first stone of this church was laid almost a year after the creation of separate independent church. In 1950s Fr NI Paulose then deacon ordained by orthodox faction was not allowed to enter in to this church till 1958. He could enter in to our church after the 1958 and was ordained as Kassiso by HG Paulose Mor
      Phlexinous (late lamented) later HB Catholicose of East. I am 41 years old and all issues in respect of Church are very vivid in my mind since mid 1970s.

      Since then Holy Mass are celebrated on alternate Sundays by Rev Fr Mathai. Elanganamattathil of Jacobite and Fr NI Paulose of Orthodox Church. In 2002, Rev Fr Mathai of Jacobite Church was transferred and H E Mathews Mar Evanious of Kandanad appointed Rev Fr Paul Padijarethil as vicar for Jacobites. Fr NI Paulose is known for his love with police and court. I have studied up to X th class (1983) in Sunday school under MJSSA. Since the split in the church in 1970s, there was only one Sunday school functioning till 2005 or 2004. Many of the orthodox members have studied in this Sunday's school including the 3 children of Fr Paulose. When Fr Paulose and his team demanded for a separate Sunday school for orthodox, it was told to him to get a order from court as he is a man of such character and when he arranged an order infavour, even Jacobites did not appeal against this order as timing given to them do not object function of MJSSA. Orthodox faction is allowed to conduct classes only on his turn (alternate Sundays) from 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs. Now it is not strange to hear from Fr Paulose that Jacobites take law into the hands by going against court order, he should then know 1934 constitution is not applicable to this church. Till 2002, members of both factions used to attend the holy mass on all Sundays ignoring the factional alliance of the priest and situation was changed by the actions of Fr NI Paulose. From 2002 Jacobites do have the holy mass conducted on all alternative Sundays and Saturdays and Orthodox members on all alternative Sundays as per the turn. Both the factions are conducting their own Pothuyogam and elect their own body. So far Jacobites have conducted their Pothuyogam in the Church and Ortodox faction in private houses. .MJSSA decided to have VBS conducted from 07 Apr 2008 in the sunady school building for the convenient of students otherwise, children needs to go to Valakom which is around 4 kms away. It may be appreciated that all the churches in Malankara that are built in 19 or 20 th centaury were to cut short the distance and save the time taken for commuting. This church is built on very same reason. Commencing such biblical activity is not against any rule. If MJSSA add one more paper in the syllabus of a class, will orthodox faction object and disrupt the class saying same paper was not taught till last year? VBS is the part and parcel of MJSSA. Now orthodox say Jacobites have planned the attack which is baseless as they around 30 in numbers came to Church at about 0930 hrs disrupted function, created chaos and Jacobites do defended elderly people, ladies and children from attack of Orthodox people. Being born and brought up in Kunnackal and knows the strength and weakness of both the churches, I can say if any planning was done by Jacobites, no one from orthodox would have even entered in to the church premises with intention to disrupt the programs. One do not need any orders or certificates from any sources to defend and protect elderly people, ladies and children from organized atrocities be it from Orthodox or from any criminal. Fr Paulose should know this basic rule. Did stabbing by knife and pelting stones helped to uphold the orthodox faith in Kunnackal? This is not the first time that Orthodox has planned attack but on earlier occasions all their attempts were thwarted on time.Now with blesssing of their bishop , may try to dirupt the sunday school on 13 Apr 2008.

      Thus I request all of you to pray for this church, early recovery of injured members of both church and especially for Fr NI Paulose and so that we see him at the earliest as a priest guiding his children in holy sprit.

      With warm regards and prayers.
      Baby Paul
      ID. 4029
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