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New Churches

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  • Baby Paul
    Dear All, Slomo in our Lord Christ. I am very much agreeing to the point raised by Mr Binto Varghese and appreciate his initiative and I do not restrict my
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2008
      Dear All,

      Slomo in our Lord Christ.

      I am very much agreeing to the point raised by Mr Binto Varghese and
      appreciate his initiative and I do not restrict my view regarding the construction of new churches to the places he has mentioned.
      In my view, we should have, own churches in all district HQs. Reason
      being, for the sake job and business our members often settle at
      these places on temporary basis and often do not initiate
      construction of new churches due to various reasons. They do not have good income, cannot afford to have money spent on infrastructure as their stay is for limited period, have a mother church to take care etc. I hope it will be proper for big churches to consider sponsoring a small church in these places where very few members are settled on permanent basis. I hope it is better to have our churches in deserts (I mean where less numbers of our members) than to have chapels in every kilometer. This is a case, which I am facing.

      I belong to Kandanad Diocese and settled on temporary basis at
      Kannur. The nearest church for us is at Thalassery, which is 22 kms
      away from Kannur. Methran faction has one at Kannur and I
      understand many of our members are part of Methran faction church. Most of them do not want to go for acquiring property for a new church for following reasons:

      1- Our members are not much in number and thus need to spend lot of money
      2- There are no members who are financially sound
      3- Stay at Kannur will be for shorter period
      4- Whether the project will success during their stay

      Metran faction very purposefully and in an efficient way propagate
      that factional differences are only in Ernakulam & Kottayam. They run their establishments on our strength. This is told to me by Vicar, Metran church of Thalassery when for the first time I happened to visit his (?) church, On my shift to Kannur, I was trying to locate our church at Thalassery, but on that day there was no service in our church and thereby landed in Metran church. (All Churches are / should be owned by HH Devalokam if not HH Devalokam will simply proceed to nearest court for police protection or import strength from Thumpamon as no matter who spent money, who sweated for the construction or for what purpose it is established, I am forced to comment this because I remember late HH Aboon Mar Mathews II devalokam catholica once ordered/stated/advised (choose right word) that Jacobite members of Kadamattam church should have handed over the keys to him when church was closed due to factional dispute. Look at the logic of the claim, a church which has the history of more than 10 centaury is the property of a faction which was conceived in 1912 and born in 1934).

      I humbly request all concerned in big parishes to consider this
      point, as many of our members are lower class govt employees, who get transfer to Dist Hqs, and who cannot afford to spent money for
      infrastructure building.

      I hope I do not hurt any one and request every one to keep the subject of new churches at various locations, where very few of our members are settled permananently, in your prayers. I also request all of you to pray for my family and me.

      Tanking you

      With warm regards, prayers and best wishes.

      Baby Paul

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