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"Catholicose" never equals to "Patriarcheese"

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  • Paul Joshy
    To T.George achen, Ireland. This is in response to your posting came in the SOCM Forum regarding your argument that Canonically Catholicos has equal status
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2008

      T.George achen, Ireland.

      This is in response to your posting came in the SOCM Forum regarding your argument that "Canonically Catholicos has equal status with the Patriarch" which is also Orthodox groups believings. Let me say first of all, it is nothing but a "Geebelsian Strategy" IOC follows.

      I just compare your argument with the system of governance in a modern democracy particularly a federal system. In a federal system like India there are two set of governments, one is at the federal level (central government) and another is at the state level(unit government). The head of the Central government is called as " Prime Minister". For your clarification, the term "prime minister" means "primus-interparas" (*manthrikalill prathani*) and he governs the whole nation. At local level (state level) the head of the government is known as 'Chief Minister"(*Manthrikalin Mukhyan*), he looks after only the local government. As you said, just for the sake of argument we can say "Mukhya" and "Prathani" are same, both enjoys equal powers and previlages because both are "chief among the ministers". But in real terms of system of administration and protocol (plz read canonical in your term) Chief minister comes under Prime Minister. (Please remember head of the government of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is known as Prime Minister just to show to the international community that Kashmir is an independent nation and not a state either in India or in Pakistan. While head of the Quebec state of Canada is also called as Prime Minister, and this happened because of a treaty between the Canadian federal government and the Quebec state)

      So that whatever and whoever said, Catholicos will never be equal to
      Patriarcheese only if chief minister is equal to Prime minister. I hope you will one day say chief minister of Kerala is equivalent to Prime Minister of India.

      With regrds
      J M. Paul
      New Delhi
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