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Re:We Must educate our Youngsters

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  • Shinu Jesus Abraham
    Greetings to all Sorry for a late response for an old mail from Mr. Lijo on 3rd March. I just wanted to highlight the fact that it is not the Sunday school
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      Greetings to all

      Sorry for a late response for an old mail from Mr. Lijo on 3rd
      March. I just wanted to highlight the fact that it is not the Sunday
      school syllabus to be changed but our own reading habits.

      If we were to stop our learning from what we learn from the schools
      or colleges we will never achieve anything in life, but have to
      update/ upgrade your knowledge each and every day. We can never
      study all the church history from Sunday school alone. We can never
      understand the mysteries just from our Sunday school days. This
      should give you only a right base or right path the think which
      needed to be enhanced by continuous reading. It is worthwhile for
      all of us to think about it.

      Let me just share with you all two thoughts. First one did happen a
      couple of months back in SOCM forum itself. On of our respected
      priests was informing about the reprinting of one of his works with
      a footnote – if he is not able to get an order of 1000 copies
      beforehand, it will not be printed." Isn't it a big shame for all of
      us? A thousand copies cannot be sold among half a million population
      of SOC members?

      Secondly most of us know that our Very Respected Malpan,
      Kaniamparambil achen is an author of over 90 books. How many each of
      us have read them other than the regular prayer books and the
      Visudhagrandham? I shamefully admit that I got the opportunity to
      read just 2 books.

      Recently in Visvasasamrakshakan we saw the inauguration of a book
      shop in Puthenkurish Partriarchal Centre. Why we don't have a book
      shop in every diocese head quarters? Why we don't have a book shop
      in every major church? Why don't we think of having a library of all
      these books in each parish? Enhance the availability of these great
      books and every metropolitan and priests have to actively promote to
      all our SOC to encourage reading among all the members. The youth
      associations will have a major role to play in this. We have to
      learn many things from other denominations who do handle all these
      very efficiently. To my knowledge it was our own Valiya Thirumeni a
      hundred years back started the youth association in the name of "Mar
      Gregorious" with a great vision. It is worthwhile for us to think
      whether we did justice to the extent the saintly father dreamed of

      With the advent of electronic media we did improve a lot because of
      the wholehearted and dedicated works of a few members of our church
      (which reaches only a minority even), compared to the dark days of
      twisted versions of facts by Manorama and teachings of few others.
      But still we need to go a long way which is only possible through
      enhancing the knowledge of all our members in every regard for which
      reading is only medicine.

      May God bless us all.

      Shinu Jesus Abraham
      Member ID # 2908

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Lijo Mathew wrote:
      > Dear Mr.Paul,
      > What you said is exactly right, because most of our youngsters are
      not aware of the history of the church and what exactly the reason
      which resulted in the split of the church. We must give additional
      importance in teaching the history of our church to the new
      generation through Sunday Schools. I think the present syllabus is
      not enough for this.
      > Lijo Mathew Kavunkal
      > # 3090
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