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Re: No body may be able to explain the logic of IOC

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, In the context of the Kallunkathara Church episode, let me share with all of you meeting a Managing Committee Member of IOC during my short visit to
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 3, 2008
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      Dear All,

      In the context of the Kallunkathara Church episode, let me share with all of you meeting a Managing Committee Member of IOC during my short visit to Kerala. I know this member since my childhood; though we are not blood related; it is rather stronger than that between us two families. Since we know each other, where we stand, and what our views on each other's faith, whenever we get a chance to meet, both of us extend our heart-felt love and affection between us. Rather I feel, I am closer than any IOC-ians to him. We never interefered in our faith matters, never tried to influence each other. But the bond between us is getting stronger and stronger.

      Our church is surrounded by scores of IOC churches. It is an established fact that either they or us can create any problem in any of these churches. There are families of Jacobites and vice-versa in all these churches, though in minority. Never ever had a problem of trying to take control of any of these churches. We, Jacobites still feel and are proud to live there, surrounded by IOC-ians are better and stronger in our faith. During festivals or feast days, people even cross over to share their happiness with the other church members. During a procession, both find time to pray in Kurisumthotty of the other churches, and nobody objected so far.

      I asked this honourable members that if we can survive and live peacefully for years in our areas, why can't we as a whole in Malankara to live and let live. He mentioned that it is well and good to live like that, but the people in higher positions, the cacuses around them will not allow this to happen. He was telling he was having high hope of their Catholicos elect, but simply loosing his confidence. Their Church Secretary find most beats not from any other, but from their Catholicose elect, and a caucus around him. He even went to that extent that majority in IOC do not have anything
      against the HH Patriarch. Being the spiritual head of this Church, they revere HH very much, but to hide their respect to HH to get closer to the higher echelons. He was telling that it is well and good to be one Church; but there is nothing wrong even if stand apart as two distinct churches, having close communion relationship. He was having the opinion that now it will be very difficult to be united, but it would be easy to stand as it is now - in judicial terms keeping the status-quo. But this will not happen,
      due to whole lot of reasons, which is known to all. Only GOD can help us to come out of this truma.

      During our discussion, the mention of late Malankara Varghse came in. He was showing pity on the happenings there. Then I asked him whether he is aware of late Binu's case, and the pathetic end he met with. I had to explain him about the incident. This is the real situation. The one-sided feeding of misinformations made people in both side drage simple things to a highly explosive nature; and the real culprits are the people who report the matter in a twisted manner, which fit into their ultimate aim to making people hate
      the other side. This is really a very wrong tendency. The Manorama played a villains role in making the IOC-ians to stand apart from the main-stream of the Universal Church. Vattasseril Thirumeni have been wrongly placed by them; and hence the split got widened day by day. His successors add succor to this development, and thus the drift got widened. The numerous other splits in Malankara Church all ended with separation of people apart within decades, but the current one goes on to centuries, showing any sign of ending this unwanted lose of souls, money and our self-esteem.

      The other important thing we both agreed, was the opportunists to cross across. They are the most dangerous ones in this drama. Their only aim is to get maximum benefits out of their criss-crossing. He posed a questions to me: You know people who crossed very rencently; and their announcements, their comments, and compare it with others. I was shocked. Yes, he is right. Such people only made the process of unity or separation more vulnerable and difficult.

      Majority of the faithfuls in both JSC & IOC do not care about any of such a move - either unity or separation. Both our leaders have to realize this fact. The northern dioceses are all set to boil beyond any of our imaginations. It is high time we should realize the evil intention of this people.

      This mail is not meant to hate the other, but to love the other. Hope the lentern prayers will enable us to do so.

      With prayers,
      CJ Varughese
      Mem ID 1012
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