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Regarding Patriarchal Day, 22nd Feb

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  • Bibu Philip Matthew
    Regarding Patriarchal Day, 22nd Feb The Jacobite church and leaders should give more importance to Feb 22,Patriarchal day.This day should be celebrated in
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      Regarding Patriarchal Day, 22nd Feb

      The Jacobite church and leaders should give more importance to Feb 22,Patriarchal day.This day should be celebrated in remembrance of words of Jesus Christ, entrusting Peter (the first Patriarch of Antioch) ,the authority of Christ’s church and Patriarch of Antioch HH. Ignatious Zakka I Iwas being the successor to St.Peter. The church should conduct awareness, prayer and charitable work on this day as well as Patriarchal Flag hoisting.

      This day we should use to create awareness about our history to new generation and others ,the points to be stressed and realised are below, This lack of awareness about Jacobite church to even other Christians of Kerala, is to be bridged by our church leadership by lectures/campaign.

      1. Jesus Christ himself gave authority to Peter ,and Peter is the first Patriarch of Antioch and Patriarch Zakka being from same line is the head of Syrian Orthodox Church to give us spiritual guidance.

      2. The Patriarch of Antioch is made spiritual head by people of India at their self free will because of their immense faith in the Holy throne of Antioch. The delegates of holy throne came empty handed without colonial army ,guided by the spirit of Living God and laid down their selfless life for people of India at the request of people of India ,showing the manifestation of love of Christ and fulfilling the words of Christ himself that “there is no greater love than that a man lay down his life for others.

      3. The Jacobites are the first in India through non-violence resisted western colonial forces like Portuguese and British who persecuted Jacobite church to create a western colonial church in India.By God’s grace this resistance was successful.The Holy throne of Antioch ,only, gave honor to people of India ,otherwise they would have surrendered to western colonial forces and their church.

      4. Realize the fact that ‘The greatest threat to Jacobite church is from within as false prophets will try to gain power and control church causing schism to this world’s oldest Semitic church which gave the name ‘Christian’. We should be wise to identify false prophets.

      5. This day should be used for personal introspection , and about taking self silent oath not to honor false prophets who violate the Shalmootho, (Oath taken by bishops ) and not to write HH before anyone other than the Servant of Servants of the Lord ,the Patriarch of Antioch ,himself. As Christ said there will be false prophets and a student is not above his teacher. In spiritual world a leader is a servant. We should remain with true prophets and not false one.

      6. Also this day we should understand that day by day the Christian values are being degenerated in church by bishops, priest and laymen and take a self oath not to make church a den of robbers but ‘a house of worship’ as said by Jesus Christ, by conserving Christian values, by believing in God and never mistaking church customs as means of salvation, standing within Jacobite church.

      7. This day we should recall that the very existence of Jacobite church is the fulfilment of prophecy of Isaiah that ,’on those who call himself by the name of Jacob ,the God will pour his spirit and they will prosper because they belong to the House of Jacob’ and they are from the same Aramaic speaking sect of Jesus Christ and after Jews they are the first to whom Jesus Christ himself revealed.

      RSS,cannot oppose the Jacobite church due to 3 reasons,1) we are the first to resist all western colonial church in India. 2) The Jacobite bishop Mor.Ahatalla and Hindu’s leaders were both assassinated by Portuguese and Roman Catholic church in India at same stage at Goa 3) Jacobite church never encouraged any conversion in India and it is Semitic and non-violent church unlike western colonial church.

      We have never created an awareness about our history to other people or to our new generation in secular and diverse India, this is also the reason why IOC is accusing us as foreign church though they also wear and recite same foreign dress and language as well as worship a Non-Indian called Jesus Christ.

      Bibu Philip Matthew
      Vayaliparambil Pynadath
      # 0074
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