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Reading: From the Gospel according to St. Luke 5:12-16, 4: 40-41

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  • Jose Kurian Puliyeril.
    Dear and Respected Brethren, From the very early Old Testament days lepers were supposed to live in isolated areas, away from others and they were not supposed
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2008
      Dear and Respected Brethren,

      From the very early Old Testament days lepers were supposed to live
      in isolated areas, away from others and they were not supposed to
      live among the others. Leviticus 13:46 and Numbers 5:2 vouch for the
      system of the dealing with the lepers. During the time of our Lord
      Jesus, the situation and the practices were not changed. Even now we
      do consider such as untouchables. The cure of the leper is explained
      in St. Matthew 8:2 ff and St. Mark 1:40 ff. We all might doubt how
      the leper got a chance to come to the city and to meet our Lord,
      around whom always crowds of people had surrounded in those days.
      Here we will have to appreciate the will, determination, hope and
      faith of the leper. It seems that he was sure of the scripture and
      the greatness of God Almighty. He had no doubt about Lord Jesus and
      His spiritual authority. St. Luke says that the leper fell on his
      face. This is the tradition of the Holy Church and the unique style
      of the orthodox worship. During the blessed Lenten season we are
      supposed to prostrate so many times. During the prostration we
      submit ourselves to His disposal and in fact there is nothing
      greater than this to offer before God Almighty. While we prostrate
      we beg to our "Lord, have mercy upon me." The leper also did the
      same and prostrated before our Lord God. The leper's declaration is
      so significant. He uttered "Lord, if you will, you make me clean".
      This makes us to assume that he was confident of God's mercy and
      God's promises in great numbers. In Genesis 18:14, we listen, "Is
      anything too hard for God?" In Jeremiah 32: 17 we read, "Ah Lord
      God! Behold thou has made the heaven and earth by thy great power
      and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee". In
      St. Matthew 8:8 we find the faith and hope of the centurion, who
      requested our Lord to speak a word. He also had the same feeling and
      faith that everything is possible for our Lord God. He was so sure
      that Lord Jesus is the one whom generations were expecting as the
      savior and He could heal/clean him. Let us think whether we could
      maintain such a strong and staunch faith in our lives? If our answer
      is not positive, is it not necessary to look for the required change
      in our life style. Let us realize that our Holy Church has arranged
      the Lents for the growth of our spirituality. It ultimately enables
      us to enrich our spiritual growth into perfection as envisaged by
      our Lord God.

      Our Lord must have been impressed by the poor leper's faith,
      determination, courage and staunch hope. It might be the reason for
      Him to touch the untouchable. Our Lord touched the leper and he was
      clean soon. Our Lord forbade the leper from giving publicity for the
      healing and the miracle behind it. These days the Christians
      claiming ability to grant healing as part of their mission
      effectively, do publicize their deeds and also instruct others to
      give maximum publicity for their activities. We could find the
      Episcopal churches also contesting for the maximum publicity for the
      healing prayers exactly like the sectarian groups. In verse 14 we
      read our Lord's instruction to show himself to the Priests and to
      offer for his cleansing according as Moses commanded for a testimony
      unto them. Remissions of sins are vested with the Holy Church and it
      is being administered by the priests. One who feels that he/she is
      away from God and God's teachings must repent well and must go to
      the priest for the Holy Confession. The Lenten season is the ideal
      time the penitents to seek remission of sins and to attain closeness
      to our Lord God.

      In Verse 16 we read, "And he withdrew himself into the wilderness
      and prayed". What would have been his Prayer? Definitely it must be
      for all of us. He must have prayed for you and me. Let us try our
      best to be obedient to Him and to do His will and wish. Let us try
      to be true followers of Lord Jesus. Let us try to be real witnesses
      in the world. Let us try to transmit His love and light to the less
      fortunate and deserving thousands.

      May God bless us all.
      Jose Kurian Puliyeril.
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