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Gregory S Thomas & his claims – 3

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  • T M Chacko
    Now the last part of my response to certain allegations raised by an IOC fellow-traveller called Georgy S Thomas, after which i am expecting a continous flow
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008
      Now the last part of my response to certain allegations raised by an IOC fellow-traveller called Georgy S Thomas, after which i am expecting a continous flow of messages against the Church from the same sources.

      Towards the end of this Gregorys hate message he is using certain terms such as 'Arab overlords', 'enslaved', 'colonial powers' etc... Also this Gregory seems to be very much allergic to hear words like Syriac, Patriarch, Maphrian etc either, which as far as I could understand are satanic verses for this self-projected angel from Bangalore. Anyhow that is his choice and hence I don’t want to comment on this nor do I think it is of any use at all.

      But when he says something bad about Mor Ignatius Abdulla II, our Patriarch of the Holy See of Antioch, it is only natural for me to respond. I have been wondering what does this fellow from Bangalore knows about Patriarch Abdulla II other than referring some Catholic books.

      To establish that Patriarch Abdulla II is bad, this Gregory is depending blindly on some Catholic sources and also the books written based on this fabricated story. Those who have studied the Church history or who have ever tried to analyze what happened during the time of Patriarch Abdulla II, knows very well that what Roman Catholics have produced are only a distorted history to create confusion among the later historians, which sometimes has clicked in the past such as that happened in the post-portugese period when the Catholics through the historians of the time, started to call the ancient Syrian Christians of India as 'Puthenkoor Christians' whereas the new Christians under Portugese power to be called as 'Pazhyakoor Christians'. This is where we see how the powerful could easily distort history for promoting their view points irrsepective of truth. Unfortunately such fake historians who make his-stories can been seen in greater numbers in the Malankara Orthodox faction too.


      Now I would like to know whether any Malankara Orthodox writers like Gregory who blindly depend on Catholic books for the comments on Patriarch Abdulla, will also accept the books written by the same Catholics who wrote that the entire IOC leadership, the Malayala Manorama and all other prominent personalities of Gregory’s Church of that time were planning to join Roman Catholic Church in 1930’s and was accordingly Mor Ivanios was sent to meet Pope’s representative. The Catholic sources say that it was the then Methran Kakshi leadership which appointed Mar Ivanios as an agent to discuss the matter for unification with the Catholic Church. At that time the then IOC leadership was very worried at the possible negative outcome in the pending court cases and so they found no other way other than joining the Catholic Church to teach the Jacobites a lesson. When this was happening there was nothing like Orthodox faith or Orthodox tradition in their mind (which they try to project now) except to teach the rivals a lesson. FROM ALL THIS IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT FOR THE FIRST GENERATION IOC-ians, FAITH AND TRADITIONS WERE ONLY SECONDARY ISSUES WHEREAS THEIR PRIMARY AIM WAS TO TEACH THEIR RIVALS, THE JACOBITE SYRIAN CHRISTIANS, A LESSON. But the situation changed suddenly after an unexpected victory in the case against the Jacobites. After this court ruling, IOC leadership which was on the verge of being absorbed into the Catholic Church somersaulted. IOC suddenly withdrew from their earlier stand and called back Mar Ivanios from any more discussions on the subject. But Mar Ivanios says that his moral stand did not permitted him to go back from what had already been promised by the Methran kakshi leadership and hence he proceeded as directed by IOC leadership earlier on. The Catholic books categorically say that actually Mar Ivanios was being cheated by the then Methran Kakshi leadership when the later found a better opportunity to defeat their rivals and thus to satisfy their egos. It was only because of the moral stand taken at that time by Mar Ivanios that he got a good following in the strong holds of Methran Kakshi when he left that group. This is what is said by many Catholic sources.

      Mar Ivanios of Reeth has produced the photo copies of many letters exchanged with the then heads of Methran kakshi and the Catholic heads in the books. Like now, in those days also, it was the 'complex' that guided, IOC and its leadership, more than the faith and traditions of Orthodoxy.

      So in short, I cannot understand how a Catholic source, and the subsequent books written based on it, becomes so authentic in the case of Patriarch Abdulla II, whereas such Catholic sources becomes unacceptable when it says and goes against Malankara Orthodox faction. Possibly Gregory S Thomas may know the answer to this trick more than anyone else.

      To be frank, I don't wish to continue writing like this which may not be delightful for anyone, but sometimes I find no other option other than responding when a series of totally baseless allegations are raised against our forefathers and the Holy Church.

      T M Chacko,
      # 0903
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