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Gregory S Thomas & his claims – 2

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  • T M Chacko
    This is in continuation to my previous mail where I tried to clarify some of the baseless allegations raised by one Gregory S Thomas of banaglore in a
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      This is in continuation to my previous mail where I tried to clarify some of the baseless allegations raised by one Gregory S Thomas of banaglore in a Malankara Orthodox forum. According to Gregory all those prominent Metropolitans of ours in the post 1958 period where actually sympathizers of Devalokam leadership, but has continued here out of certain compulsions only. Unfortunately this is the way in which most of the Malankara Orthodox leaders reacts even when they know that they are presenting a lie before the common man.

      Now on Gregory's comment about our Valiya Thirumeni (Saint Paulose Mor Athanasius) whom Gregory mentions simply as Paynadath Paulose Mor Athansius. I am happy that atleast he has learned Valia thirumeni's family name correctly. This is when most in Methran kakshi leadership still can't differentiate between Kadavil Thirumeni and Valiya Thirumeni who bears the same name.

      In the case of Valia Thirumeni, even if it is for argument sake how can this Gregory say that the Holy Father was depressed being with the the Holy See. To prove his point Gregory is claiming that there was always rift between the patriarchal delegate Yulius Thirumeni and the Valiya Thirumeni during the entire life time of the later. What does this Gregory thinks of Valia Thirumeni and Mor Yulius Thirumeni? Were they petty politicians of the present day to always quarrel with each other for silly things? I feel pity of Gregory.

      I don't think I will ever meet this Gregory nor do I wish to meet this man who has only mastered to hate our Church and the people. Even if I accept for argument sake that there was continued clash between Valia thirumeni and Mor Yulius Thirumeni, can anyone who knows both will ever say that they were constant enemies like some in Gregorys' group of the present days'.

      Again for argument let me accept that there was rift between the said two Metropolitans of ours, but even then, was that a great crime to differ as claimed by this Gregory. Each person has there on individuality and at time there may be difference of opinion. But there are some limitations beyond which any difference of opinions must not extend and my Church have not seen anything like that serious happening between our Valiya Thirumeni and Yulius Thirumeni.

      Now something personal. Can this Gregory categorically say that his wife and children had never quarreled with him? Is he fully sure that never in his life he had any difference of opinion with his parents? Of course there can be problems in a family, but it will be, and has to be, restricted within the four walls of the house. Otherwise we will have to experience the situation like what has happened in our Church in post 1996 period and also what is happening now in Gregory’s Church where two set of bishops are fighting each other over the Gurgan’s bishop making and many other issues which is becoming public everyday.

      Will this Gregory, who goes after our Church fathers to (re)search for any rift that happened between them, can categorically say that there was no difference of opinion between their Church's founder father Vattasseril Devanasios Methrachen and Geevarghese II Catholicose. Similarly can he put his hand to the chest and declare that everything was so smooth between Awgen Catholicos and his successor Mathews I Catholicos ? Again can he say that there was no serious fight between Mathews I Catholicos and Daniel Mar Philoxenos. Now can anyone say that it is with the real consent of either Augen Catholicos or Mathew I Catholicos or Mathews II Catholicos, that they were removed from IOC's Catholicate positions and their successors assumed the respective offices smoothly. Similarly was it with the actual consent that every change in leadership has occurred in Gregory's Church. Coming to the present day can Gregory say that everything is smooth between their present Catholicose designate and Thomas Athanasius of Muvattupuzha and Yuhanon Milithios of Thrissur. What about the inner fight that was there between Makarios Thirumeni and some other bishops of Gregory’s church. Is Thomas Mar Athanasius of Changannoor diocese and Mathews Mar Severios of Vazhoor of your church fully happy with all others? In between I would like to ask many similar questions, but since it is a waste of time I am stopping it here.

      One thing I want to pinpoint is the special relationship which the Patriarch Aphrem I had with Valiya Thirumeni. The travelogue of Vayaliparambil thirumeni says it all. Then another short travelogue by Yuhanon Milithios of Thrissur written in the first half of 1990's also point to this.

      To be continued……
      T M Chacko,
      # 0903
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