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Gregory S Thomas &his claim our Church fathers – 1

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  • T M Chacko
    If you are really eager to learn how a fact can be twisted to someone s own benefit just search for a posting by Gregory S Thomas from Bangalore in some IOC
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2008
      If you are really eager to learn how a fact can be twisted to someone's own benefit just search for a posting by Gregory S Thomas from Bangalore in some IOC forum. He has mastered in it more than most of others. Recently he has claimed that all the three Metropolitans entombed at thrikkunnath pally, ie; Kadavil thirumeni, Valiya Thirumeni and Vayaliparambil thirumeni were actually either members of his church or was their supporter in secrecy and hence it is their right to claim Thrikkunnath. I was asking myself with wonder, what a learned man is Gregory !!

      Ok for argument sake I drop the Church affiliation of Kadavil thirumeni as he died in 1907, way before the split of Malankara Church in 1912 which lead to the formation of a new outfit under Vattasseril thirumeni to which Gregory is now affiliated with. We can ignore for the moment what Kadavil thirumeni wrote and preached about the need for continuing the good relationship with the mother Church of Antioch.

      Again for argument sake atleast I am leaving the claim over Vayaliparambil thirumeni as he was part of the reunited church when he died in 1966, a death which is said to have happened due to the MENTAL TORTURING OF THE DEVALOKAM LEADERSHIP when they tried to appoint a successor to him who according to kottayam leadership must be fully obedient to them than to the people of Ankamali (After Vayaliparambil thirumeni's demise, the Devalokam leadership through an unexpected move brought Theophilos thirumeni from a far away Thekkan area and installed at Ankamali and brought Thrikkunnath and its vast property under their fold with the help of a priest who immediately changed sides when offered huge benefits. Can we call it a colonization of Ankamali area by outsiders?; if it was the Syrian Church head who have done this Gregory would have certainly cried, ":colonization, colonization, colonization" !!! ).

      About Theophilos Thirumeni, I have nothing more to say other than what Gregory says as he undoubtedly been a staunch Methran kakshi supporter with a colonial mind. We all know, how and why he was installed at Thrikkunnath and why he miserably failed in bringing the local parishioners into his side even when he was considered as a great ambassador for the rich and famous people who settled from thekkan areas.

      Now about the allegation on the death of Mulayirickal Mor Severius Thirumeni who was not part of the Thrikkunnathu pally or seminary. Yes I do accept that there was some tension between him and the patriarch faction after they felt cheated over many issues that happened after the fake unity period of 1958. Kunnamkulam Simhasana Church issue itself started because of the attempt of some to capture it inorder to please their new bosses at devalokam. It was a church built by the sole efforts of late Saint Sleeba Mor Osthithios Bava after Bava kakshi separated from the Arthat Valia pally. So undoubtedly it must belong to the Jacobites alone, but when some tried to capture it by force and through crookedness, a natural resistance started. If Mulayirickal thirumeni had a sudden death on the very moment he came for the perunnal of St. Osthathios Bava, then it was the God’s will that had happened at that time. I am sure that nobody who knows something about what happened there will accuse the Jacobites for the death of Mulayirickal thirumeni as the police at that time under the influence of Gregory's leadership have completely removed all the parishioners from the place and thirumeni came with the escort of a section of Gregory S Thomas's group and police. But still if thirumeni was not able to offer Qurbana at the church where St. Osthetheos Bava is entombed, then I certainly believe that he had a great amount of goodness in his heart. On reaching the tomb of Osthathios Bava he may have certainly felt very sad that he had to quarrel with the same Church which made him everything. If Gregory says that he died heart broken, then I consider him a true servant of God because only light minded persons can die heart-broken; cruel people will not have any repentance and they capture the properties of their own siblings without any shame. Mulayirickal Thirumeni has a good following in the Arthat Simhasana church, but if almost the entire lot returned to the Jacobite Church following the unexpected demise of thirumeni at the very tomb of Osthathios Bava, then it was the God's will that worked through the tomb of the saint. That is why people consider Osthithios Bava a saint and that is why most people are afraid of telling badly of Osthatheos bava except for people who don't know anything about the Holy Father.

      Anyhow my dear brother in Christ Gregory S Thomas, could have avoided such remarks about the death of former Church fathers in open and avoided dragging them into the controversial argument sessions. We all know that Gurgan was made a bishop just to teach the Syrian Church a lesson. But who all have learnt the lesson is a matter to be thought of by Gregory himself. One person vigorously supported this Gurgan ordination in one of its first meeting held at Devalokam some months back and another gave a consent letter to make it to reach the magic number of three which some say is needed under certain circumstances. Let us all spend a moment in silence and pray for the Syrian Church. Even if we all don't pray for our Church, the Syrian Church will always be there to cover its faithful with its large wings.

      In my next mail I will try to reply to Gregory’s allegations against Valiya Thirumeni and Mor Yulios Bava.

      T M Chacko,
      # 0903
    • Bibu Philip Matthew
      Dear All A tree is known by its fruits,different fabricated stories of IOC clearly shows the moral standard and evil disposition of their bishops who lead
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 31, 2008
        Dear All

        A tree is known by its fruits,different fabricated stories of IOC
        clearly shows the moral standard and evil disposition of their bishops who lead them,what a shame that this sect of christianity has become a shame to Christ and entire christianity.

        All this unambiguosly shows that there is no spiritual growth in IOC
        and seeds of spiritual growth in their bishops have sown instead of
        spirituality, politics and greed for power and position.Its a shame
        that IOC people follow them blindly and its a shame that they still use Syriac the liturgy of Church of Antioch .They should heed to the advice of their IOC American diocese asking them not to be unchristian and a burden to people of Kerala.IOC bishops think spiritual growth is by grabbing propertities of their mother church and threating Gov,I wonder how can an IOC priest who believes in GOD can serve such an unchristian church and Jesus Christ simultaneously, as theoritically they are christian but practically unchristian.

        Again this also shows the degeneration of IOC laymens ability to think himself,inability to identify truth and evil acts,teachings of their faith,Bible etc.What is IOC's relationship with Jesus Christ.When a church has spiritual growth,it will not go after materialistic claims. IOC bishops and faithful should identify lack of spiritual growth in their church,otherwise it will end up as an evil church.

        Regarding late Severios Mulayirikkal who joined IOC,his mother worked at our Vayaliparambil house in Nedumbassery and father worked at our Cherai house,he had great inferiority complex because of this and he mainly because of this complex ,which created ego joined with opponents of Mor Gregorios Vayaliparambil and defected holy church,the reason for his death what I heard is he lied down on the sacred bed of St.Sleebo and never opened eyes again.

        late Theopillos of IOC was a posh person,he was the only bishop in IOC who could speak English well at that time,you can find him only with rich and famous people.Poor had no place in his heart.He is one of my distant relative.

        Let IOC say whatever story,the truth will prevail.

        Bibu Philip Matthew
        Vayaliparambil Pynadath
        # 0074
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