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Legatees of Trikkunnath Seminary - A response

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  • Abraham Kurian
    Dear Members, In another Forum one Georgy Thomas has presented a series of reasons as to why we (JSC) are not true legatees of the Trikkunnathu seminary. I do
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29 12:12 AM
      Dear Members,

      In another Forum one Georgy Thomas has presented a series of reasons as to why we (JSC) are not true legatees of the Trikkunnathu seminary.

      I do not usually wish to respond to postings in other forums, but
      when I see a person gifted with good language skill and reasoning
      ability, twist tales and distort facts I feel compelled to respond. I do not wish to repeat the reasons why we are the true heirs of the
      Seminary and its heritage, it is well known to all members of our
      Forum. I will restrict myself to pointing out what I see as
      inconsistencies and cases of bad logic.

      He proceeds in true analytical fashion and takes the case of the 4
      Fathers entombed there. His arguments make rather interesting reading

      1. H.G. Poulose Mor Athanasius (Kadavil)

      He admits that people today say that Kadavil thirumeni was a staunch
      supporter of the Syriac Church and would have remained a loyalist of
      the Patriarch. His argument is the funny part. He says so was
      Wattasseril Metran initially but later he opposed the Syriac Church
      and so would Kadavil Thirumeni. This in my opinion is as ridiculous as saying that A was a good man until he died, B was also a good man
      initially, later on B turned bad and by extension A would have also
      turned bad had he been alive.

      Poor application of deductive logic

      2. H.G Gewargis Mor Gregorius (Vayaliparampil)

      The author is very skillful here with his usage of references to
      earlier postings. He quotes two postings that refer to mysterious
      facts about the demise of two of our earlier Metropolitans. He
      conveniently takes what he wants and leaves out the rest. The other
      forum posting By Dr George K John he refers to (ICON 10684
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IndianOrthodox/message/10684 ) is very
      critical of his own church (IOC). Just a few lines above what he has
      quoted the author has said

      I quote
      "one of the core reasons for factional fight is the total negligence
      and subordination of North Kerala parishes. the old and huge Angamaly
      diocese was totally neglected rather appeared to be capturing it with
      its holy centre,Thrikkunnathu seminary."
      Quote ends

      Georgy uses what is convenient to him from an earlier posting to prove a point that is denounced in that very posting. :D

      The same happens in the case of his second reference (SOCM 6822
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOCM-FORUM/message/6822 ) by Bibu Philip Matthew. For the benefit of those who do not have the time to look up Bibu's posting, he clearly states that Trikkunnath Seminary belongs to the Jacobites.

      Georgy again conveniently takes that which he needs leaving out the
      rest. Maybe this is why he even omitted the URLs to the source postings

      3. H.G Philipose Mor Theophilos (IOC)

      Of course we make no claims to this legacy, Mor Theophilos was and
      remains a former IOC metropolitan. Earlier postings in this forum have revealed how this thirumeni was buried there and the intentions behind this act. Also the earlier Kabar muri was enlarged to enclose Mor Theophilos's tomb. I am no one to judge his actions and God above is the final judge, but it is little odd that a Metropolitan who headed a united diocese for almost a decade (1966 onwards) has a miniscule number of churches and the erstwhile headquarters of the JSC diocese of Angamali as remnants. And his trusted lieutenant Mannaraprayil Corepiscopa has already revealed the truth after all these years.

      Georgy's question as to whether they should walk away from this tomb,
      reveals the true intentions behind all this. Bury a Metropolitan and
      stake a claim in the future. If they were truly concerned about the
      tomb, they would have buried Mor Theophilos in Kottayam itself.

      4. St Poulose Mor Athanasius (Valia Thirumeni)

      When he gets to speaking about Valia Thirumeni, he appears to have
      nothing to say except launch a tirade against Mor Elias Julius of
      blessed memory. Atleast he certifies that Valia Thirumeni lead a holy

      In short he claims that we are not the legatees of the Trikkunath
      seminary, because

      >> one Metropolitan entered eternal rest before the schism and would
      have sided with his faction (IOC) in all likelihood :))))
      >> one Metropolitan died a supposedly mysterious death at the hands of Jacobite extremists and so IOC faithful who had nothing to do with it are the legatees.
      >> one Metropolitan who occupied it against wishes of majority in his
      Diocese was buried there and finally
      >> atleast in the case of the fourth Metropolitan he admits no legacy.

      The tone and tenor of his posting not withstanding, the poor
      application of logic in his arguments weakens his conclusions.
      Defeating his endeavour even before he started. About his language ,
      the less said the better. He calls the faithful of our church who are
      willing to shed their tears, blood and sweat for the church "Islamic
      terrorist inspired Antiochian-movement". It is not that we can not
      respond in kind to this sort of name calling, but that would only
      bring us down to his level.

      Finally as a parting note, isn't it unfortunate that you have to use
      these tricks to try and prove a point ( that IOC are true legatees of
      Trikkunnath seminary and the tombs of out holy fathers) that looks
      stupid to say the least given the 'amount' of supposed 'respect' and
      'honor' you show towards these holy fathers. Do you have any instance
      of IOC meaningfully celebrating the anniversaries of Mor Gregorius
      Vayaliparampil or St Mor Athanasius Poulose. Even the IOC Catholicose
      designate was conducting his upavasam at the tomb of Mor Theophilos of IOC (according to media reports). Strange behavior considering that it is the death anniversary of St Mor Athanasius Poulose Valia Thirumeni.

      Thank you all for your patient reading.

      Prayers and Regards

      Abraham Kurian
      Member ID 1011
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