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Joice Thottakad against Valia Thirumeni in Almayavedi magazine

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  • J Kurien
    Joice thottakad has wriiten an artcile on Valia thirumeni in almayavedi’s latest edition which says very very bad about our Valia Thirumeni. In that article
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2008
      Joice thottakad has wriiten an artcile on Valia thirumeni in almayavedi’s latest edition which says very very bad about our Valia Thirumeni. In that article he says that Valia Thirumeni was a ‘vazhakkali’ (one who always quarreled) and that is why troubles are happening there at his kabaridam always. He continued blaming our Valia Thirumeni for everything that happened in his life time. Like many of his fellow church members he too seems to believe that by writing such articles he could tarnish the image of the Church fathers whom he/they love to hate. However after saying all such bad things about valiya Thirumeni, joice concludes his article by quoting late Koruthu Malpan who in turn appreciates Valia Thirumeni for his prayerful life. Dear readers please do remember that unlike joice who lives in our age, Koruthu malapan was one who had seen and understood Valia Thirumeni, a fact which Joice forget while he wrote bad about the holy man.

      Joice Thottakad may be thinking that by quoting a few Good words of Valia Thirumeni towards the end of the article, he is relived from any possible curse. I only feel pity of him and his friends who inspire him to write like this.

      While making these stupid comments, this Joice Thottakkad seems to have completely forgotten that the tomb of Our Lord, tombs of Apostle St. Peter and other apostles and the tombs of the most of the early Church fathers, all were places of graet conflict until Christianity became an official religion in the 4th century. Even after this period many Christians and their qabars were attacked by muslims and sometimes by the crusaders itself which is very much in history. Look at the history of Oriental Orthodox Church or the Byzantine Church where we can see many such things happening to the tombs of Church fathers. Can this Joice say that all these early fathers of Christianity were peoples of quarrel or ‘vazakkalikal’ and it is because their qabars became a place of conflict? Can he say that all these fathers were cursed and that is why troubles existed in their tomb for many many decades and centuries ? Will this Joice say that Ahathulla bava who was murdered by Portuguese was a cursed man and that is why his body was not recovered ever. I feel pity of this Joice, it would have been better if he used his pen more carefully.

      I personally believe that this article which Joice Thottakad wrote in his almayavedi is going to be his worst article ever written in his life time and please do remember that God is seeing all this.

      If he or his co-authors like Kurian Thomas or Thomas Chandy could ever have known who our Valiya Thirumeni was, I am sure he/they would not have written like this. It would have been better if he asked any elderly persons in his own community who this Valia Thirumeni was and how they considered this holy man. I think the words of Koruthu malpan is enough to prove that Valia thirumeni was an holy man. But this poor Joice or his friends try to distinguish between a man’s prayerful life and his real life. I think the impression of joice and his friends is that a person can be a prayerful man even when he is a bad man. I again feel pity of this Almayavedi supremo and his co-authors.

      May God be merciful to them for all his sins he has done and he is doing in his life time. This is only what I could pray for the moment.
      J Kurien
      Member ID # 2310
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