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Re: Suggestions of IOC forum member

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  • Mathew G M
    In another FORUM a respected member suggested the following ... Can t we have a common strategy where Bishops and Priests from both groups can visit and pray
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2008
      In another FORUM a respected member suggested the following
      Can't we have a 'common strategy' where Bishops and Priests from both
      groups can visit and pray at holy places like Thrikkunnathu Seminary, Kothamangalam Cheriya Pally, North Paravoor Church, Parumala Church, Manarcaudu Church, Manjanikkara Church and other holy places of importance to both groups 'without mentioning Church politics or bringing in the names of HH The Patriarch or HH The Catholicose.'

      The Bishops and Priests can combinedly take part in marriage
      ceremonies or funerals of close kith and kin as well as some 'yearning' Bishops and Priests will be able to pray at the tombs
      of their own parents and ancestors.

      Many knowledgeable members have before and again suggested this in
      this forum.

      I challenge the Patriarch faction to do this as I am sure the Orthodox Church will be more than willing to accept this proposal.
      My response is:
      The Patriarch faction has fully accepted this proposal from you:

      1) When Catholicose Didimos I Bava and the IOC Bishops visited
      Jerusalem, they were not only allowed to pray but offer Holy Qurbana
      at St. Marks Syriac Orthodox Church in Jerusalem.


      2) In 2004 when Patriarch Zakka I Bava was in India he publicly
      announced he will end all schims and establish full communion with
      the IOC if the IOC leadership will withdraw civil court cases. (No
      official response was received from the IOC)

      3) If you read any Malayalam Newspaper dated 24-Dec-2007, you can
      read that Catholicose Thomas I Bava has publicly said that in
      churches under the Patriarch faction, priests from the Indian
      Orthodox Church will be allowed to co-celebrate functions such as
      marriages, funerals etc. I am attaching a link to the Mangalam


      In Christ,
      Mathew G M
      # 0929
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