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'V Geevarghese Mathew's hate messages in an IOC forum

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  • T M Chacko
    This message of mine is in response to a series of hate messages posted in an IOC forum by one V. Geevarghese Mathew, Alwaye questioning our authenticity for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 27, 2008
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      This message of mine is in response to a series of hate messages posted in an IOC forum by one V. Geevarghese Mathew, Alwaye questioning our authenticity for claiming Thrikkunnathu Pally or the Seminary. Since he has raised many provocative points to attack our Church, I would like to respond to the extent possible through our forum and since it can be a very long message i am splitting it into two or three. The first part is given below. Please excuse me for the long messages.

      In one message he is saying that he is related to Vayaliparambil Thirumeni who was our fourth Metropolitan of Ankamali and the metropolitan under whom we united with IOC between 1958 & 64. Really i don’t know how this V Geevarghese who is said to be from Aluva is related to Vayliparambil Thirumeni as claimed by him, and which family he originally belongs to if he is not from that family. Anyhow that is not a matter which is relevant at all. He can be A or B or C. His second letter just after Thrikkunnathu perunnal is more aggressive than the first. Here reading his mail one will have the impression that he is from Vayaliparambil family itself which had produced one of the greatest metropolitans of our Church. He in his message is continuing that he, now aged around 70, originally belonged to the Jacobite Church (until 1958) but later joined IOC as per the advise of late Vayaliparambil thirumeni and of course Mulayirikal Mar Sevrios thirumeni. He then continues that in his family there are three set of people, one who supports the IOC’s Catholicos party, another supporting the Patriarch party and another a neutral majority not having any leniency to anyone. In this way he is trying to impress his fellow IOC readers that there is a vertical split among the Jacobite community of Northern dioceses.

      Before going into his later arguments let me start with the case of Vayaliparambil family and his claims that there are three sects of people in his family. ( Really I can’t understand how he differentiate his family from Vayalaiparambil family when he at one point of time say that he is related to that family and in another letter he is making confusion by acting like that he is from that family itself.)

      On reading his 2nd message I immediately called some of my friends in that famous family at Athani, Nedumbassery; but none of them is aware of such a person called V. Geevarghese Mathew, Alwaye. I again enquired with Fr. George Vayaliparambil who is now at Bangalore (his grand father is the first cousin of late Vayaliparamabil Thirumeni and his house on the Nedumbassery airport road) and he too knows nothing about this person. He told me that late Thirumeni’s brother’s son and all others who are closely related are strongly with the Jacobite Church itself. Then I enquired about an approximate number of people in that family who are now with IOC, BUT SURPRISINGLY ALL IN THAT FAMILY TOLD ME THAT AS PER THEIR INFORMATION NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON IN THAT FAMILY IS WITH IOC. THE VAYALIPARAMBIL FAMILY MEMBERS BELONGS TO NEDUMBASSERY CHURCH. This is what I came to know. If anybody who reads my message has any doubt they are free to enquire about the details of Vayaliparambil family at their native place at Nedumbassery.

      Hearing this I was wondering who this V. Geevarghese Mathew is. May be he is only related to Vayaliparambil family as once mentioned mildly. But I don’t know under what circumstances he is using an initial ‘V’ with his name. May be that represents another family name. Again that is none of my interest.

      Now let me mention about one Kizhakkeyil family from which the recently removed trustee of Indian Orthodox faction, P C Abraham Padinjarekara of Kottayam, has married. This family is closely related with Vayaliparambil family and they are also known as from the Vayaliarambil kudumbam. To my information his brother in law too is with the Jacobite Church. So I can’t understand which all persons ‘related’ to Vayaliparambil family are with IOC as claimed by this V. Geevarghese Mathew, Alwaye. The fact is that, not many persons, even if it is there, are with IOC and in reality almost all the Vayaliparambil family members are with Jacobite Church only.

      In the past many from our Church has switched over to the opposite factions in search of power and position. This trend is evident atleast from the Portuguese period when some persons who were in the fore front of Koonan Kurishu sathyam led by Geevarghese Arkadiyakon and the Knanaya priest, later switched to Roman yoke to became their bishops. Many centuries later when Marthoma Chuch got many favourable judgments, many famous families in south starting from Kottayam, has joined that Church, but later we can see many returning when the same marthomites were defeated in courts. This type of see-saw movemnet of allegiance from one community to another in search of power and money is very common in the human history.

      Likewise a small group in some large and rich families of North may have too switched sides to IOC. In ‘V Geevarghese Mathew’s family also this may have happened. Particularly after a former big business magnet like Padinjarekara P C Abraham (former IOC trustee) has married from Vayaliparambil family. (Please note here that none of his wife’s close relatives are with IOC). Naturally there is a tendency for some, who like to move like satellites of rich and famous people, to get easily attracted to powerful persons in hope of greener pastures and popularity. And this is happening in the case of many families from Kottayam to south who are directly or indirectly connected with Manorama group’s family. Many has joined IOC in order to please their bosses in Manorma or to get some prominence in some clubs etc. This trend of getting attracted to Manorama family started after they became rich in the 20th century. This type of attractions are only a natural phenomena

      Switching sides out of greed is not a new thing. Take for example the recent problems in Mannamangalam Church. The case was filed by one person who is extremely under the influence of Milithios thirumeni. I am not going into the inner details of the dispute. But the only thing I want to mention here is that this man has filed the case just to settle a score with his three younger brothers under advice from his ‘adviser’ and incidentally they happen to be with the Jacobite Church. Thus the problems which originally started as a family dispute became a Milithios vs. Mannamangalam parish issue subsequently. In this way this elder brother split the family for his own personal benefit and unfortunately his aged father who was unconscious became a scape-goat to the whole episode. Like wise in some families there may be two or sometimes three groups with different church alliances which I won’t deny at all.

      Anyhow I can’t accept the claims of V Geevarghese Mathew’s altogether. In his direct family lineage some may be in IOC, some can be neutral or some can be in the Jacobite Church also. This possibility claimed by the so called V Geevarghese Mathew can never be denied. In my wife’s family that hails from Thiruvalla, who claim themselves as decedents of the first converts from Thoma Sleeha and members of IOC, there are three or more set of groups, one in IOC, one in Marthoma and another in Malankara Reeth and a small group in the Jacobite Church and nowadays a larger presence in Pentecost also. So if V Geevarghese Mathew says that in his family in north there are three factions, then it is very much a possibility, but that does not mean in every family it is like that, and division of each sects are more or less equal. If it is so as claimed by V Geevrghese Mathew of Alwaye, IOC WOULD HAVE BEEN CONTROLLING MORE THAN ITS PRESENT HANDFUL NUMBER OF CHURCHES IN ANGAMLI DIOCESE AGAINST THE JACOBITE CHURCH’s 200 ODD CHURCHES WIHICH HAVE A MUCH LARGER STRENGTH IN EACH PARISHES COMPARED TO THE PARISHES OF IOC IN SOUTH KERALA.

      So far said about the Vayaliparambil family, let me shift your attention to one of the claims by V. Geevarghese Mathew, Alwaye that late Vayalaiparambil thirumeni was extremely happy to end the relationship with the Antiochean Patriarchate. Since it may take many many pages to explain about this, let me direct you to one well known incident which was recently recorded by Fr. George Vayaliparambil in one jacobite magazine. The incident was about how Vayaliparambil thirumeni withstood the pressure of Catholicos Geevarghese II, when the later tried to put a masnapsa (to symbolically show that he is being reinducted as bishop by the Catholicos) on the former after the ‘infamous’ unity between both the factions in 1958. Vayaliparambil thirumeni then politely told the Catholicos that he has already received a valid consecration from the Holy Patriarch and hence another acceptance of masnapsa is not necessary. This was the real Vayaliparambil thirumeni. It is because of his strong faith and integrity that the Jacobites call him ‘Iron Man of Malankara’. During his life time IOC were never able to do great damage to the erstwhile patriarch faction; only after his death IOC started to openly cheat the Jacobites. Again it was only after his last breath that Mar Theophilos from south kerala was installed metropolitan of northern diocese of Ankamali, the largest in Malankara. When this is the fact, I can’t understand how this so called V. Geevarghese Mathew, Alwaye, can claim that Vayaliparambil thirumeni was greatly happy by breaking up with the Antioch in 1958 or 1964. Who is lying is very clear from this.

      In my next mails I will try to answer this V Geevarghese Mathew’s claims regarding his baseless allegations against Our Church, the Thrikkunnathu pally, seminary, Manjinikkara dayra etc..
      T M Chacko,
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    • Sabu Alias
      Sir Your explanation is simply superb. One who knows a very little about Vayaliparambil Thirumani would not have commented like V Gheevarghese made. But there
      Message 2 of 3 , Jan 28, 2008
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        Your explanation is simply superb. One who knows a very little about Vayaliparambil Thirumani would not have commented like V Gheevarghese made. But there is no surprise in it. IOC continues the leagacy of lie which was manifested in the Infamous " Thalayil Kaivechath arennu njan Kandilla" by their kottayam Saint. Now about switch overs people who do not want to take the Cross of christ are very much fancied by the physical wealth of IOC. They will be thier unto the dooms day. We need not worry about them as they are not sleeping but pretend to sleep.
        With prayer
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      • Bibu Philip Matthew
        Dear All, I belong to Vayaliparambil Pynadath family and I am the great great grandson of Vayaliparambil Mathu Itoop,the first signatory of historic
        Message 3 of 3 , Jan 29, 2008
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          Dear All,

          I belong to Vayaliparambil Pynadath family and I am the great great grandson of Vayaliparambil Mathu Itoop,the first signatory of historic Mulanthuruthy synod(1876),Late Mathu Itoop was also a permanent member of Managing committe formed by HH.Patriarch Peter IV after he consecrated bishops (incl Mor Gregorios of Parumala)for 6 (I think)diocese in India..

          I published the web biography of Mor Gregorios,initially I never knew his great wisdom,leadership and vision and I thought he was an ordinary bishop,but loyalty was paramount to him,he never kissed the hands of any IOC bishops and his life was simple abiding by shalmootho.A genuine person of Vayaliparambil cannot easily support IOC as this family by God's grace was close to leadership of Syriac church of Antioch in India for 500 yrs.


          There is also a rumour that Mor Gregorios Vayaliparambil was murdered by IOC leaders to create split as Church cannot be separated with his living,many still in Nedumbassery say it was a silent murder,his death in 1966,and even some Jacobite clergy betrayed him like Judas.

          My grandfather Mathew Vayaliparambil was a diploma civil engineer in British India on gov service,who had his office near trikkunath seminary and had lunch daily with St.Athanasios in Seminary,he was adviser to St.Athanasios,he used to supply rice to seminary regulary from his paddy fields.He also was the architect of Mor Athanasios High school ,he built for his relative Mor Gregorios Vayaliparambil in 1939 and also St.George Jacobite church in 1949 at Nedumbassery. He was also first trustee of St.George church Nedumbassery and was also trustee of Mor sabor and Afroth Jacobite Church many times.He has met all Patriarchs who visited India.

          My father late Dr. P M Mathew Vayaliparambil,did not even vist any IOC church,while he was running his own Hospital at Chalakudy,there was only IOC church in Koratty,he never visited that church,he even stopped subscribing Manorama few years.My mother who is also a doctor and a relative of late Theophilles of IOC also never endorse IOC ,she never visits IOC chapel near her house but goes to Jacobite church only.

          It is true that IOC trustee P C Abraham has married from Vayaliparambil family but nobody supports or even recognise the existence of IOC or their catholicose in this family.Vayaliparambil Mor Gregorios was always loyal to the Holy Throne of Antioch,he was a close friend and collegue of Patriarch Yakup-III,he was chosen by Patriarch when he was a boy.

          We do not know any such person called "V G Mathew",but recently there has been organised attempts by IOC to make the name of Mor Gregorios Vayaliparambil as an IOC member which is a lie.I had informed of this IOC strategy to Geevargese Mor Athanasios and HH.Patriarch Zakka I at Damascus.But Mor Athanasios has never understood seriousness of this,though he is also a relative of Vayaliparambil family.I have told him the solution,I think he has not yet acted on my solution.

          IOC is devising a plan to portray Mor Gregorios Vayaliparambil as their member and there by claim the properties of Jacobite church,as nobody can deny his registered will.

          Every family has some prodigal sons,but fortunately by God's grace we have not identified any with loyalty to IOC in vayaliparambil family even among the prodigal sons.

          Also the family had earlier adopted some good Jacobite families from Arthat their original place to nedumbassery for socializing and gave initially land and title Cheria Vayaliparambil,this was done as family the only landlords of entire area felt isolated.Many families of this Cheria Vayaliparambil now delete name Cheria and keep name Vayaliparambil only.But there is no blood ties between both,even in Cheria Vayaliparambil which has emerged as a great family,there are no IOC supporters.Some former tenants of family after slavery was abolished in India ,use same name Vayaliparambil(Hindus & christians) ,i dont know anyone in that category supports IOC.

          By God's grace so far nobody from Vayaliparambil Pynadath supports IOC and V Geevarghese Mathew is not known to us as stated by Fr.G Vayaliparambil.

          I request Geevargese Mor Athanasios ,with whom I discussed this matter at Damascus to act immediately after consulting Catholicose Thomas I and other bishops,the solution I advised.

          Bibu Philip Matthew
          Vayaliparambil Pynadath
          # # 0074
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