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ThrikkunnathuPally, an EDAVAKA pally or not ?

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  • Chandy Samuel
    Thrikkunnathu Pally, An EDAVAKA pally or not ? Seeing the over enthusiasm of some methran kakshi people to celebrate Valiya thirumeni s orma perunnal at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2008
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      Thrikkunnathu Pally, An EDAVAKA pally or not ?

      Seeing the over enthusiasm of some methran kakshi people to celebrate Valiya thirumeni's orma perunnal at Thrikkunnathu pally, i wonder whether Valiya Thirumeni was our church head or theirs. Can they show any other parish in their whole Church which celebrates valiya Thirumeni's orma perunnal in the same way they celebrate one of their late bishops. Their ultimate aim is Thrikkunnathu seminary property and pally property, nothing more than that. Valia thirumeni is just a instrument for them to fool others.

      A few years back the pseudo-lovers of Valiya Thirumeni even started a so-called process to canonize Valiya Thirumeni. Their intention was very clear. To get enough support to defeat our claim for thrikkunnathu seminary or the Thrikkunnathu pally !! However except for some paper publicity nothing more had happened since then. May be one day they will canonize Valiya Thirumeni along with our late Catholica Baselios Paulose II bava and in future our present bava also if they make sure that they will get hold of some more properties of the Jacobite Church. This is not an impossible probability at all; if they can build churches in the names of Manjinikkara bava and Abdul Jaleel Gregorios Bava whom they oppose at times, nothing is impossible. ‘Kammannu veenal kal panam’, this is the strategy of devalokam leadership and all those satellites moving around that place. They live and let others live with the sole aim to get as much money as possible. After all they are born and brought up as pucca-professional business men.

      One of the main claims of methran kakshi is that thirkkunnathu Marthamariam pally is not an Edavaka pally, but only a Chapel of the thrikkunnathu seminary. We know that this they argue to defeat any remote possibility of the parishioners’ demand for reopening the church where there are qabars of our former bishops. They know that if they ever approve that it is an independent parish, the parishioners will have the upper hand and this may result in the end of their control of their church and gradually the seminary itself.

      I WONDER WHY THESE PEOPLE WHO CLAIMS THAT THE THRIKKUNNATHU PALLY IS NOT AN EDAVAKA PALLY, TRY TO HIDE THE FACT THAT THERE IS ALREADY A CHAPEL CONSECRATED BY LATE VAYALIPARAMBIL THIRUMENI IN 1962 INSIDE THE SEMINARY ARAMANA. When there is a seminary chapel inside the seminary building itself, what is the need for another seminary chapel in a nearby compound? This is the question which they cannot answer clearly in all these years except counter argue with us on simple grounds. The parishioners of the Thrikkunnathu marthamariam pally have already produced many many records of baptism, marriage and funeral to prove that it was indeed an edavaka pally, but thanks to our system; nothing fruitful is happening even after 30 years of arguemnents and counter arguements. Of course we had problems in producing many records like the late metropolitans letter etc. which proves that he has declared it as an edavaka pally etc; and the credit for that must go to mannaraprayil achen and the former and present bishops of methran kakshi in the post-1966 period after our vayaliparambil thirumeni passed away.

      Even if God comes down to earth and say that this church is an Edavaka pally (parish church), methran kakshi leadership will never accept it. Only when one have some personal problems with methran kakshi leadership, truth will come outside. The biggest example is the letter written last year by Mannaraprayil achen, the erstwhile custodian of Thrikkunnathu seminary, to his head. When he was thrown out of seminary, he boldly wrote a letter admitting that Thrikkunnathu pally and seminary originally belonged to the Patriarch faction, but was taken by force under his leadership etc. etc. But by the time he told the truth, his co-church members tactfully thrown him out of seminary and may have taken hold of any remaining crucial records.

      Again back to my main point. What is the need for the Thrikkunnathu marthamariam pally to remain as a Chapel of the Thrikkunnathu seminary as claimed by Methran kakshi leaders when there is already a chapel inside the seminary building itself ? This is a very simple question. It is a fact that this church has been declared as an independent parish many many years ago by our former ankamaly bishop and I am sure that all those in methran kakshi leadership too knows this fact. But unfortunately for Methran kakshi leaders money weighs more than anything.

      These Methran kakshi leadership may put forward many more lies to hide the facts, but before the ALMIGHTY they are LYING, LYING, LYING. It is possible to wake up someone who is sleeping but not the one who is pretending to sleep.

      C S Samuel, Kumarakom
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