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Orissa : 6 Christian bodies recovered ,400 homes and 60 churches tor

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    All India Christian Council P. O. Box 2174, Secunderabad – 500003, Andhra Pradesh, India www.indianchristians.in Dr. Joseph D souza - President - Dr. John
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2007
      All India Christian Council

      P. O. Box 2174, Secunderabad � 500003, Andhra Pradesh, India

      Dr. Joseph D'souza - President - Dr. John Dayal - Secretary General

      For immediate release

      Six Christian Dead Bodies Recovered, 400 Christian Homes and 60 Churches Torched.

      National Level Fact Finding Team Reached Balliguda.

      All Political Party Prevented from entering the affected Area.

      NEW DELHI � Dec. 29, 2007 17:25 hrs

      National Fact Finding Team of six led by Dr. John Dayal, Secretary General of All India Christian Council, Member of National Integration Council and President of All India Catholic Union reached Balliguda. All Party leaders prevented from entering the violence affected area.

      The instant report of the fact finding team in Balliguda reaching to All India Christian Council says that six dead bodies recovered, 400 Christian homes and 60 churches burnt down. Young and healthy Christians have left their villages to flee for their lives,children, women, old and sick who could not flee for their lives arein great danger of their lives, says Dr. Dayal.

      Remnants are starving for last four days, sick are suffering without medical attention. They are forced to convert to Hinduism if they are to get food, medical attention and shelter and their heads are shelved off, says a victim.

      Assurance given by state government and Union Home minister has not affected to the victims and villages from the violence caused by the Hindutva Fundamentalists.

      The fundamental rights provided by Indian Constitution to provide security protection has failed to reach the minority Christians in the state of Orissa. State security forces has been at the hands of guns and fundamentalists. No complaints from victims and Christian communities have filed in none of the police, says, Dr. Dayal.

      A Memorandum is also submitted to Justice Shri. Rajendra Babu, Chairman of National Human Rights Commission and Christian delegation will meet him on December 31, 2007 at 12:30 noon, to setup an special enquiry into the violence.

      Earlier today, a delegation representing millions of Indian Christians met Mr. Mohanmad Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India to act immediately to protect the Christians in the state and villagers to return back to their homes and villages.The All India Christian Council ( www.aiccindia.org), birthed in 1998, exists to protect and serve the Christian community, minorities, and the oppressed castes. The aicc is a coalition of thousands of Indian denominations, organizations, and lay leaders.

      For more information, contact:
      Mr. Madhu Chandra,
      Regional Secretary
      All India Christian Council,
      (0) 9868184939
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