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The report from "yauno" website

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  • Jacob John
    Dear readers, Further to the photograph I sent to the forum, I also received a news translation from Yauno the Gamrmen news letter for the Syriac Community.
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      Dear readers,

      Further to the photograph I sent to the forum, I also received a news translation from 'Yauno' the Gamrmen news letter for the Syriac Community. The language is not proper but we could understand it. This shows who the rambans are, what happened in Germany and how they came to Kerala, as well as their new ploy back in Germany!!!

      Jacob John
      Id #2567
      Three monks leave her church - a schism?

      The last two weeks were not light for the Syrian-orthodox church of Antiochien in India. Three monks (Mushe G���rg���n, Stefanos (Stalin) Budak and Isa Irgur) travelled from Germany to Kerala to become bishops for the autokephale Syrian-orthodox church in India. Why do three young monks of her church turn the back and do form new ���Kirche "? Monk Mushe G���rg���n is keen for some years on the office of the bishop. Monk Isa and Stefanos are a fellow traveller of his diabolical plan! Three weeks ago these three monks travelled to Kerala and stayed with the bishops Athanasius and Melitios. The just embarrassing bishops have likewise turned in the 90s of the Syrian-orthodox church of Antiochien the back. In India come these her concerns did the agenda of the abgespaltenen Syrian-orthodox church in India. After long debates and discussions, the synod decided uniformly that these monks cannot be consecrated for following reasons bishops: they do not belong to the Syrian-orthodox church in India; all three monks are only 25, 26 and 27 years old; everything three have no concluded theology study, only German professional school-leaving exam; further they aim only at power; if they have already become disloyal of her mother's church, they could be also disloyal now again and become unreliable.

      Now the question, dear readers and female readers positions itself at this point, how could this come so far? Monk Mushe G���rgun and monk Isa were consecrated in 2001 by the passed away metropolitan Mor Julius Yesu ' Cicek to monks and afterwards to priests. Monk Stefanos (Stalin) Budak was consecrated by the metropolitan Cicek in 2002 to the deacon and afterwards to the monk. All three monks lived cloister in Holland in the Saint Ephrem. Nevertheless, after a short time they started to prepare for the cloister brothers and, above all, the bishop problems. One tore out the phone arrangement. Other the nose broke to a monk's brother. Further they insulted the metropolitan and wanted to hit him even, completely apart from the threats. Once thus monk Stefanos said in present of a priest following to his spiritual father (bishop Cicek): ���Ich scrapes out to you the eyes. Vantage point only how you will end. " He said this to bishop Cicek who loved his monks and supports. With the funeral ceremony, however, he played before the patriarch and all people the innocent and well-behaved monk! Monk Isa and Mushe said to the bishop: ���Wir will throw you from the cloister, we would like to become bishops here ... " all sorts of examples there to call is...

      After everything had to leave three by the police, on account of her terror the cloister, these about 9 months stayed in the houses of her parents. Archbishop Benjamin Atas from Sweden took up them mercifully and gave them any freedom. After a certain time they wanted more, i.e. they wanted to become bishops, above all, monk Mushe G���rgun who plays the saint today before each. Monk Mushe and Isa left Sweden and her merciful bishop because he could not consecrate them bishops. They went in Switzerland. There they stayed in a cloister community of the holy Catholic church in Einsiedeln. Also monk Stefanos moved to Einsiedeln, because he could live in Europe in no cloister, because it had to dance a lot after his whistle. At the conference of the last synod it was decided that all three monks must return in a cloister, this did not fit them, decided to leave this her mother's church and travelled in the South-Indian Kerala. There how on top was described none of you to the bishop consecrated. Supposedly monk Mushe should have been consecrated in an adjoining room by two dropped bishops Militios and Athansaios. After the canon law of the Syrian-orthodox church of Antiochien, more exactly after the canon law of all orthodox churches and also the Roman Catholic church such an inauguration is trifling and is already allowed not at all. On 29.11.2007 all bishops, priests and organisations of our people received a letter from a metropolitan called Mushe G���rg���n, thus from the letter contents obviously there arises the Syrian-orthodox church of Antiochien would like to split and train a schism. Please you do not take seriously dear readers and female readers, this letter of this pseudo bishop, because the holy synod has written a letter in Kerala, and disproves this inauguration.
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