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Jacobite church and Orthodox (Methrankashi) are never same

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  • Bibu Philip Mathew
    To Fr.George of Orthodox syrian church(methrankashi),Ireland We do not differ in matters of faith and liturgy with them. But we differ only in matters of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2007
      To Fr.George of Orthodox syrian church(methrankashi),Ireland

      "We do not differ in matters of faith and liturgy with them. But we differ only in matters of administration,We have not yet adulterated the liturgy or any tradition of the Holy Church. It is we who maintain the traditions of the church in its true sense. "
      Fr.T George of Orthodox syrian church,Ireland

      The statement by a priest of methrankashi that they have not adultered tradition of church is unambiguously false and lie.

      Jesus said: a student is not above his teacher,in spiritual world ,a student is not above his teacher,the false prophets who violated all covenant with God tried to take the administration of mother church namely Jacobite Syrian church through coup and imaginery throne of St.Thomas have violated all christian values.

      I can say Orthodox Syrian church is a church for name sake only,it is in theory only following Jesus Christ,in practise its far from teachings of Jesus Christ,their leaders have filed 1000's of fake cases against their own father the Patriarch and brothers,100's of places of worship has been closed by creating law and order problem.For aquisition of wealth all kind of evil were done in the name of Christ and Mor Gregorios of Parumala.So Methrankashi church is far from any episcopal christian church in India, today. Catholics, Marthomites,CSI are all much better than them, beyond comparison in following Jesus in practise.Its a shame that priest blindly follow false prophets,today anyone can create new church.

      They methrankashi have even tried to conquer the Jacobite church like Manarcad for revenue using Police,so Methrankashi has adulterated all Christian teachings,by proclaiming they believe in court more than peace initiatives they have mocked the most High and Christ.Today its a church of false prophets.

      Please read the following links to learn a small fraction of evil deeds of great leaders of Orthodox church,which is mocking Jesus Christ. The covenant with God has been violated many times.

      Christian Commitment & the Broken Pledges

      In every way Orthodox faction is far from teachings of Jesus Christ in practise which was openly said by the Orthodox leaders in USA.

      Jesus said 'when you pray,if you have any grudge against anyone,God will not hear you,in the prayer ,Jesus taught this to all christians, orthodox faction ,its bishops and all priest are praying without forgiving others,1000's of fake cases are given against their brothers, Jacobite church, so Jesus Christ will never hear the prayer of such bishops and priest,So today Jacobite Syrian orthodox church,the mother church of all Syrian congregation or church in India is on the path of Jesus Christ in Practice (if not 100 % as there can be mistakes) and Orthodox faction is on the path of antichrist / satan.

      For Jesus never forgave Judas,the betrayer,again Bible warns of false prophets,the best example is orthodox church and its leaders through coup and false propaganda taken control of church for wealth and power which is against the acestic life of orthodox bishops.

      Both salt water and fresh water cannot flow through same lake.

      The degeneration of christianity,christian values and church was forseen by famous writer who predicted this exactly through his own word,Daniel Defoe the great.

      " When ever God build a house of prayer
      Devil always builds a chapel there
      And it will be found on examination
      That latter has a greater congregation."

      How true that when God built house of prayer on Syriac church of Antioch,Devil built many chapels on it at different time in different places. But BY THE GRACE OF GOD the original house of Prayer" the Syriac Orthodox church of Antioch" still exist as a SIGN of existance and VICTORY of the LIVING GOD of Abraham,Issac and Jacob and the Lamb,Jesus Christ.

      Bibu Philip Matthew
      Vayaliparambil Pynadath
      # 0074
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