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Re: Unity and imported methrans

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  • Thomas P. Puthuvelil
    This new ploy by methran kashy is pretty hilarious. This group and its leaders think they have to do this one last thing to get angeekaram acceptance as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2007
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      This new ploy by methran kashy is pretty hilarious. This group and
      its leaders think they have to do this one last thing to get "angeekaram" "acceptance" as a church by the community. And they have no clue what they have to do. As a prodigal son who hopes that dressing like his father will gain him acceptance from society. Literally like a body without a head. In their quest for acceptance they are doing all these devilish deeds under the sun.

      The cross over methrans are the biggest road blocks to peace in Malankara. They are living in fool's paradise with their utopian dreams which is only hindering peace. Plots have already begun to cast out Nicholovas from America. Last week I was in the midst of some very hardliner methran kashi folks and they were having a heated discussion on which one of their real Thirumenis should also be laid to rest at Moovatupuzha Aramana Chapel to ensure that property will be theirs. And it was very funny to know who that person was that they agreed upon. Let us wait and see how long Thrisur Methrachan holds up.

      The methran kakshi think tanks know well that our Church's growth cannot be constrained and are trying to make some trouble within our Church. But these people fail to see that stealing some Methrans or some property is not going to alter the path of our Church which consists of real breathing people, who they fail to address.

      Last month a switch over priest to their side was trying to convince me about unity. And his main point was how they are remembering the Patriarch in the first thubden. Only if he and the rest like him could wake up and realize how silly this sounds to us Jacobites. For us it is much more than lip synching Patriarch's name in the thubden.

      Now this ordination of those three rambans reminds me of a Ramangalathe Pathrikese. There is this protestant pastor who claims to be the Pathrikese of Ramangalam. Like our Shresta Bava mentioned in one of his interviews, what could we do if one claims to be so.

      In the minds of methran kashi they could only be "Indian Orthodox" if the Syrian Orthodox Church in Malankara is made extinct. They tried to wipe us out by force and legal tangle which failed miserably, now they are trying to capture us into them in this sugar coated process called "unity". They will not succeed with their devilish actions again because their actions are exposed at every turn by our faithful nowadays. Their actions speak much louder than their words. These drama filled plot releases during holiday seasons by methran kashi will rival any blockbuster movies released at that same time. Only God could save them from themselves and their make belief illusions.

      Let us wait and see what is released for Christmas. They might even
      bring David Copperfield from America to make the Jacobites vanish.

      Thomas P. Puthuvelil
      St. Joseph's Cathedral, Kottayam
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