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3 ex-Suryoyo rambans ordination issue - An Apology & Updated News

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  • T M Chacko
    Dear Jacobite friends, In my last mail regarding the ordination attempt of 3 Suryoyo rambans by the opposite faction, I have mistakenly mentioned towards the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2007
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      Dear Jacobite friends,

      In my last mail regarding the ordination attempt of 3 Suryoyo rambans by the opposite faction, I have mistakenly mentioned towards the end ‘What funny Church is this’. This was while trying to question the simultaneous attempts of some in that faction to ordain 3 Suroyo bishops and at the same time of conducting parallel peace meetings by them. Actually the ‘funny Church’ phrase was a typo error which I made while writing (sorry for not rechecking my writings before posting), What i was trying to say was - ‘What a funny SITUATION is this’. It was indeed a great mistake made by me. So let me apologize for the wrong usage of words.

      Now the latest on the ordination attempt of 3 Suryoyo rambans

      It was heard that day before yesterday there was a core-committee sitting of the Methran Kakshi in which 4 bishops met to decide on these Ramban ordination issue; but since they could not reach a consensus, the meeting ended with no decision. It is heard that it was the two of our former bishops who wanted them to be ordained at any cost to teach our Patriarch and the Church in Kerala a lesson or two. But the other two bishops opposed this. The reasons for their opposition is said to be the following.

      1. The two bishops who opposed the ordination were dead against the actions of the former Jacobite bishops, as they believe that the ex-Jacobite bishops are doing many foolish things which are unethical and unacceptable. They say that what these ex-Jacobite bishops are doing are just out of their blind enmity to His Holiness and the Church in Kerala and so they cannot be believed at many of their actions. (The news that is spread is that unlike in the past these ex-Jacobite bishops doesn’t get support from the new Methran kakshi leadership who doubts their real intentions.)

      2. Earlier when the core-committees of IOC decided in favour of accepting or ordaining any new bishops from Suryoye, they were dreaming of Suroyo bishops who have mass support in their community so that they can be used as a tool against our Church under H.H.. But with the solving of problems in Germany and the isolation of persons like Fr. Tarzi, their imaginations regarding the division in the Syrian Orthodox Church got a beating. It was at this point of time the ex-Jacobite bishops who felt that their extreme ideas are not working, approached these 3 ex-Suryoyo rambans and promised them to be ordained bishops. But when the main group in IOC understood that these are ex-Rambans who have no mass support, they wanted to refrain from any actions as they feared that by ordaining them who have no base of their own, they (IOC) themselves may fell into a trap in future. So they wisely said NO to the ordinations.

      3. Above all those in the IOC who oppose the ordination fear of a greater backlash if these three ex-Rambans are ordained. The original idea was to ordain them as bishops of an ‘Independent Syrian Orthodox Church’ in Europe and consider them as SISTER CHURCH, so that they will not be a problem for them, but at the same time can be used as stick to beat our Church whenever required. But then some key advisor's of the faction warned them of a different situation that may arouse. They feared that if such a thing like bishop ordination happens, there is a much greater possibility for our Jacobite Church to also ordain persons as bishops who come and seek asylum from the Indian Orthodox faction. Imagine the situation where we also call them 'bishops of Sister Church of Ours!! If that happens, the result will be a continuous spate of bishop ordinations from the opposite sides just like the Roman Catholic and Byzantine Churches in the 11th century started declaring saints to overpower the opposite side.

      In anyway I think it is the right time for having a one to one discussion between both the Churches to find out a long standing solution to the Church disputes in Kerala. If what I heard from the inner circles of IOC is correct, at least some of the key leaders of the Indian Orthodox Church wanted to solve the century old issues by considering us as a Sister Church, in line with the declaration of our Patriarch, when HH visited Kerala. With the latest sidelining of the people who are remaining obstacles for an amicable solution to Church disputes, there is a greater possibility for peace, accepting each other as Sister Churches. Let us hope for a brighter future of the two Sister Orthodox Churches in Malankara.

      T M Chacko,
      # 0903
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