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  • Bar 'Eato Briro Dr. D. Babu Paul
    Parumala Thirumeni by Bar Eato Briro Dr. D. Babu Paul PARUMALA THIRUMENI: I CALLED, HE HEARD... Ten days ago I had a fall. As usual I was halfway through my
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2007
      Parumala Thirumeni

      by Bar 'Eato Briro Dr. D. Babu Paul


      Ten days ago I had a fall. As usual I was halfway through my morning
      constitutional at about 5.15 am. Before I realized what was
      happening I fell down. I presume that most people fall before they
      realize what is happening, anyway. A fall happens without
      premeditation; a premeditated fall is a jump, be it to death or an
      athlete's pit. The road as I discovered later had a slight, very
      slight, difference in level. The three previous nights and days it
      was raining and the curve around Ayyankali Park was flooded. As
      water drained away some sand may have lodged itself at this point on
      the road and my shoes may have applied the right pressure for a
      shear there. There were three auto rickshaw drivers yawning their
      way to sunrise near the gate of the Latin Archbishop's house. They
      rushed to help me back to my feet. And they also offered me the seat
      of their vehicle to take rest. After a while I walked back to my car
      near the Kawdiar Palace. After driving back home I engaged a taxi
      and went to Cosmopolitan, a well established private hospital here
      to take an ATS poke. I did not feel very bad except for some
      abrasions on my hand and took it easy: I have always believed in
      dying without the help of doctors if possible. On the third day I
      discovered that I was worse. I had to be at Doordarsan Kendra for a
      live shoot and could not put myself into my normal kurta outfit. I
      was reminded of the man who went to the doctor complaining that when
      he put his right hand at the left hip and the left hand at the right
      hip and tried to raise both hands together he felt a sort of catch
      at the bottom of the spinal cord. The doctor asked him to
      discontinue that particular exercise and the patient said, But then
      how do I take off my banian? So I went to the Doordarsan Kendra
      wearing s loose shirt that I buttoned but partly, the way I could
      manage on my own since I live alone. Later I found my gold chain was
      visible and I felt bad: it was like some novo riche casually
      revealing his torso in studied carelessness. The next day I rang up
      Dr. Cherian Thomas, considered the best in the field here now. He
      wanted X Rays and discovered a small crack that would not justify
      plastering my arm but demanded a `sling operation.'

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