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Re: Temptations

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  • Issac K Joseph
    Mr. Aji asked the question: Do we have to sin to be saved? and in answering Mr. Daniel stated, What kind of God would create a world He knew He woud have to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2002
      Mr. Aji asked the question: Do we have to sin to be saved? and in
      answering Mr. Daniel stated, "What kind of God would create a world
      He knew He woud have to save.

      The answer is a mystery to us, but in asking the question it at least puts
      the problem of temptatin in its proper perspective, as necessary to our
      salvation." Let's see if I can answer this in the way that I"m thinking.
      This world was created as a place of habitation for the jewel of creation,
      man. Man was created to have fellowship with and comunion in the love of
      Almighty God. For this type of fellowship to be viable, man was given freedom
      to choose, or to disobey God. We know that man disobeyed and as a
      consequence, blood was shed to cover the nakedness of mans rebellion
      against God(don't you just love the picture there). The nature of
      Humans was thus marred, and subsequently children were conceived in
      the image/nature of the parents, which was now fallen. Throughout
      all of this God remained the same God, the best picture of which we
      have in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. The best human explanation
      we have is in the words of St. John the Theologian, "God is spirit,
      and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth", and ,
      "God is love". The bone of contention in all of this is: What God
      has revealed about himself to suffice the inquisitiveness of His
      creation, His creation has now said is insufficient. There's a deep
      profundity (to use an archaic word), and satisfaction to the simplicity
      of God. But as to the question of temptations necessity for salvation.

      The reason we need to be "saved", is that without salvation we cannot have
      union with Almighty God. The necessary component for which is, the grace and
      mercy of a loving Creator. God existed without mankind, but in no way can
      mankind exist without God. God tempts no man, but every man is tempted
      when he is drawn away by his own lusts. One might ask then, "are my lusts
      necessary for my salvation?" The Holy Apostle Paul wrote it this way: "What
      shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly
      not!" Temptation is the tool of Lucifer(the devil) to draw man away from God.
      The will of God is that all be saved, even those who have not sinned(been
      tempted) in the same manner as I have. The candidate for salvation is the
      person who has inherited the nature of one who was "begotten" in the nature
      of Adam. Forgiveness is for the one who recognizes that they have fallen short
      of the requirement of God. That individual can then share the grace and
      mercy of God, in the perfect nature and righteousness of His son, Jesus Christ.
      So then, what kind of God is God? God is the same kind of God as he was to
      Abraham, Issac, Jacob, David, Josiah, John, Ignatius, ....! And how should we
      understand temptation? To say that it is necessary for our salvation, is to
      imply that we could not be "saved" without first being tempted. NOT!!!
      There 's nothing more that can be added to what scripture and the Church have
      taught over the centuries. I probably have written far beyond my knowledge,
      intentions and the necessity of the question.
      In Christ
      Issac K Joseph
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