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Re: Interesting article on Christianity in Kerala

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  • Jose
    Thank you, Sajy. I am really glad about your concern and zealousness. You are absolutely right about the situation. People are coming to the church alright,
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 27, 2007
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      Thank you, Sajy.

      I am really glad about your concern and zealousness. You are absolutely right about the situation. People are coming to the church alright, but these days majority of them complain that they are not receiving anything. I see that those who complain have an honest thirst for receiving God in its fullness into their life.

      Every human being on the face of the earth are looking for peace, love, healing, care and recognition. Only God can provide it. How do we get it? We get it only through doing God's will, having good fellowship, worship, prayer, and glorifying. We go to church for all of these. But what we see there are evil motives, politics, legal battles and gossip from bottom up.

      I truly believe "Poverty of Love" is a major issue among us in the church these days. Does anyone among us or in the spiritual leadership can visualize it and do something about it? If we can recognize it, what can we do about it? That is when we surf through the "Holy Book" to find answers. From beginning to end in the Bible, we can see the Love of the Lord. It can very well teach us how to love others and how to be loved. It teaches us how to share and care. We sure can start heaven here on earth making God's task a bit easy.

      Jesus said " I am the way, truth, and life". Every member of the traditional churches has to re-unite in Christ and stand up for Christ to fight His war against the enemy. When Jesus is in us we become way, truth, and life. We need to get filled with Holy Spirit and become fire for Christ our savior. We should be willing to sacrifice some for an honorable cause. We do not have time to waste our valuable time in wicked ways of this world.� We need to learn, teach, love, and encourage others in their journey to eternity. We need to be concerned about our destiny and at the same time about our brothers' destiny. We can't be like 'Cain' who asked God "am I my brother's keeper"?

      Churches and its spiritual leaders do not have time to concentrate on uplifting the sheeps and nourishing them with spiritual ingredients. They spent more time in material things of this world and seek honor for themselves. Moses stood between the people of Israel and the God of Israel. Our church leaders ask the sheeps for guidance and compromise spiritual matters according to the comforts and convenience of the people of this world. I think in the book of Jeremiah, God says the Prophets prophesize falsely, and the Priests like it, but what you, the people will do at the end? Our leadership needs to seek guidance from above to be good Shepherds.

      One time at a climax, Moses told God "if your presence does not come with us, take my name out of your book (Book of Life)". Oh! The loving FATHER IN HEAVEN truly and truly honored the stand of Moses. How many of our Church leaders today are like Moses? Moses was obedient to Father God and God resolved all their issues of the time. I believe the same very God is alive today to help us resolve all our problems and bring us back on track. Let us all please yield to Him.

      We are in a time period where we need to be on track in a hurry and be at the core of the church. We need to flood the church with spiritual activities such as fellowships, prayer meetings, and youth meetings, adults for men and women, and celebrations on all special occasions. In every gathering we should make our "FATHER GOD" as chief guest. Then we can see the whole Kingdom with us. Then there won't be any room for fighting, arguing, drinking, and any such things of evil nature. If we let our God given wisdom do the work for us, then we will be able to see amazing things along with blessings from above shower upon us. Solomon's wisdom is in all of us. Let us come together, sit down in the presence of the Lord and discuss projects of spiritual nature for our future. Let us all pray for unity among us and begin to work together after putting away all the disputes and differences. Let us all start rejoicing and glorifying the mighty Provider by talking or giving testimonies of His great miraculous favors in our life.

      I am tickled and excited about Sajy's concern and care for the loosing generations of the traditional churches. Together we can do a lot for the generation and let us pray to God to open the way. I do not like to point finger at any denomination or church. Everybody preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. So there is no way we can blame any church. But we need to grow spiritually and have the vision of eternity. Whatever it takes, we all need to get there to enjoy the wedding and be with our bridegroom.

      Please be not offended with my thoughts because I respect everybody and all are my brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, or children.

      With prayers not to offend anyone,

      Jose (US)
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