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Churches in and around Madras

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  • Varkey Titus
    Dear Zacharia George, Many thanks for your message about the organised evangelisation of the protestant groups in college campuses in Chennai. It is not
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2007
      Dear Zacharia George,

      Many thanks for your message about the "organised evangelisation" of
      the protestant groups in college campuses in Chennai. It is not only
      happening in Chennai, but this is the situation in most prominent
      educational cities like Bangaore, Coimbatore, Pune etc., and we, the
      "traditional" churches miserably fails in providing proper support to our students in colleges. The leadership of the students wing of our Church is not standing upto the timely need of the hour, and may be they are not getting proper support from the 'Outside Kerala' diocese headquarters. In what ever situation, I think our 'Youth wing', which is very active in many churches in the educational cities, can help the students coming to that cities. However, a proper coordination from the Vicars of our churches in cities like Chennai, Coimbatore,
      Pune and Bangalore can make a difference. Let us pray and work for such a revival in our Church.

      Regarding your query about the churches in Chennai, please note that as far as I know, we have 3 churches in Chennai (Annanagar, Pallavaram & Perambur) and one in Vellore. The details of the Churches are already available in previous messages in the SOCM Forum archives, Message Nos:


      I am reproducing the details and hope you can attend any one of our churches near to you.

      Annanagar Church:
      Rev. Fr. V.V Paulose
      St.Thomas Jacobite Syrian Church
      No. 1, Syrian Church Road,
      Collector Nagar, Anna Nagar West Extn.,
      Chennai. 600 101, INDIA
      Phone: +91 (44) 26563297, 26330570, +91 9444384739

      To go to Annanagar St.Thomas Church, , First reach Thirumangalam in Annanagar, take the road to Ambattur Industrial estate, get down at the Madras Medical Mission Bus Stop,walk ahead cross the signal and walk a little further and you will find a road to left (there's a restuarant at the corner). Take that road and walk about 50 mts and you will find the Church on left side and the 'Kurisupally' on right.

      Perambur Church:
      Please contact Mr. Thomas P. Thomas, a member of that Church, on (+44)25516105 to get the exact location of the Church.

      Pallavaram St. Mary's Knanaya Church:
      To go to pallavaram Church, take any bus going from Guindy side to Tambaram, get down at Pallavaram bus stop. Walk about 150 mts towards Guindy side, you can find the St. Mary's Church on the left side of the road.

      Vellore St. Mary's Church:
      St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Gandhinagar (near Katpadi Railway Station), Vellore, Tel: 0091-416-2246119, is associated with 'Santhawana Guidance Centre' of our Church. 'Santhwana' and the Church are very near to Gandhinagar Police Station. Vicar Fr. Thomas Abraham
      is now out of India and hence priests from Bangalore are visiting Vellore for conducting Holy Qurbana on Sundays. One deacon is always staying in 'Santhwana', whom you can contact for assistance.


      Varkey Titus
      Member Id No: 1024
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