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  • Dipu George
    Shlomo, Its after much thought and consideration that I decide to write this article Its about exhorting my brothers and sisters in this esteemed forum to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002

      Its after much thought and consideration that I decide to write this article
      Its about exhorting my brothers and sisters in this esteemed forum to BOYCOTT
      Malayala Manorama

      I hope i am not sounding like � servant of christ � but this is one article
      I couldn�t help writing!!!

      Recent developments at the Manarcadu Church and subsequent decisions taken by
      the Samrakshana Samithi there is why I felt the faithful in this forum be
      enlightened about why we need to ban this diabolic newspaper

      Am I justified in Boycotting the frankenstein monster called Manorama???

      YES I am!! All of us are aware about the clout Mr. Mathukutty of MM enjoys both
      here in kerala and in delhi

      The fact that Mr. Mathukutty along with that Muthoottu chap always camp in delhi
      days before each hearing comes up in the supreme court should leave no one in
      doubt that this man uses both his financial and political clout in bending and
      twisting rules and verdict to give more scope for the metran kakshis to
      persecute the faithful in malankara

      Malayala Manorama have been persecuting the Jacobites ever since its inception.

      That it was used as a medium by Vattaseril Thirumeni and Mammen Mapillai to brain wash the ignorant faithful in the regions south of Kottayam is a fact
      known to many of us passive members.

      On Sept 1 Thimotheus Thirumeni in his speech cited Jeremiah and St Paul
      regarding persecution of the faithful . Manorama recently refuses to address
      our bishops as thirumeni... instead opting for just the names now !!!

      For more than 75 years and even now Manorama have been consistent in
      distrorting truth to harm the jacobites in Malankara

      In the southern regions ( where Manorama enjoys maximum subscription) we see
      innumerable Christian sects ( 90% among whom were former jacobites!!!)

      Allow me to state a fact �..the suprme head of the metran kakshis is not the
      devalokam BAVA but rather Mathukutty of Manorama

      His roles in the sabha dispute is so vast that it is beyond the scope of this

      Of the 10 lakh subscribers of manorama ( and 1 crore readership)
      12% comprises non Christians
      18% comprises non orthodox Christians
      and of the remaining 70% JACOBITES COMPRISES 38%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      As a result of its diabolic role and distortion of the truth manorama has , for
      the past 3 to 4 months , lost 65,000 subscribers !!!!

      In all probability it�s the jacobites whose individual conviction and
      integrity led them to this wisest decision in recent times.

      The recent muteness ( with some occasional blitzkrieg in partiality) was
      witness to the diatribe against mathukutty and manorama by none other than
      Mor Militeus (now with the metran kakshis)recently.

      What I am trying to imply is that by boycotting manorama we are doing a great
      deed to kerala society in particular and humanity in general

      Through loss of valauable subscribers perhaps the metran kalshi boss will
      realize his folly and order his deputy Mathews 2 to be see reason!!!

      Am I leading by example ??

      Yes I am ..my family and close realtives have stopped subscribing to manorama
      for the past 5 years

      There is definitely a relief from the fromer "painkali style" of writing and
      other lies which one was forced to read


      This is similar to the decisions taken by the manracadu wing of the" Antiochia
      Vishwasa Samrakshana Samithi"

      Each samrakashana samithi of the respective parish should identify and divide
      into various wards the area under its influence and set up a team for each
      ward. Following which the parish decides to publicly endorse banning manorama
      among its members citing biblical and historical and practical reasons for
      this decision

      Each team visits a ward unanaounced and meets the faithful and enquiring about
      the newspaper to which they have subscribed recently

      believe me when i say that out of experience I can say with pride that there
      wont be any problem in adapting to a new daily after 2 months there are alternatives to maorama like" Mathrubhumi "and "Deepika "and "Mangalam"


      this option is what we as RESPONSIBLE individuals can do

      1. Convince 2 of our closest and trusted friends/relatives to boycott manorama
      for two months. We could even offer to pay for their subscription for the

      2.They in turn could be relied on to persuade and convince two of their
      friends/ relatives to do like wise! 2 becomes 4 ��. 4 becomes 8 �.. 8 to 16 and so on

      Is there an immediate need for it ??

      YES very much and all the more important

      I think we shouldn�t wait for our bishops to make this clarion call �instead
      I think that we should set an example to the jacobite community in order for
      them to be inspired and to follow �lets not wait and waste a unique opportunity

      Let us preserve and protect our community
      Let us protect our atiochian faith
      Aloho ahmuch
      Dipu george
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