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Re: SAVE OUR SABHA In Foreign Lands - New Jacobite Church in Singapore

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  • Babu Jacob Nadayil
    Dear Moderators & Fellow participants of the Forum, I remember the discussions we had in this Forum about having a congregation of ours for the frustrated
    Message 1 of 1469 , Sep 27, 2007
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      Dear Moderators & Fellow participants of the Forum,

      I remember the discussions we had in this Forum about having a congregation of ours for the frustrated Jacobite faithful in Singapore. Thanks to the Lord who heard our plea. Congratulations to our brothers and sisters who took initiative in organizing a congregation there while wishing you abundance of blessing from Above.

      Dear all, this is an ongoing situation in different parts of the Globe wherever our people are spread that it is so hard either to locate our own place of worship OR to get direction, help and enough spirited faithful in organizing a congregation to quench their spiritual needs. This is the very situation that hesitantly compels some to join denominations other than of our own. ("But some are conveniently taking refuge in others campus without due consideration of what is spiritually diluted in their blood". I know for fact that even some priests fall in this category which is so sad. I would say, `they are just floating wanderers and NOT SERIOUS in their faith and conviction". Probably none can help them.) We discussed about this situation in 2006 but I am not sure whether any steps have been taken yet from any quarters of our Church. In this electronic era there should be a better way of conglomeration. We all must pay attention to this issue and address it to the hierarchical authorities for remedial steps. IF ANY OF OUR VENERABLE METROPOLITANS READ THIS MESSAGE I am humbly praying to them for immediate directive to their respected dioceses so that none of their sheep are lost to the wilderness.

      The faithful also have to do their part in saving their kith and kin from being carried away from our ancient mother church by circumstances of foreign lands. The uprooting process that has been going on for so long must be stopped forthwith. To achieve this may I suggest this: whenever our friends or relatives leave for far places the respective parish priests should be properly informed of the journey and those priests in turn should inform the diocesan
      Metropolitan or his office of the area to where his parish member is
      headed. This can be easily and electronically done across the globe
      as every diocesan Metropolitan has their own e-mail or contact
      addresses. From the office of that prelate necessary action can be
      taken to trace out and direct our member to the appropriate place of
      worship. Please remember how our fore-parents were kept within the
      undefiled and uncorrupted faith by the devoted Holy Fathers when
      there was absolutely no electronic advancement in this world. They
      travelled not in air, you know how, they walked and sometime dragged
      themselves to keep us where we are now. An e-mail message, a telephone call or an oral message through another friend or relative
      to the Metropolitan of a diocese under the Universal Syriac Orthodox
      Church or to a priest under that Metropolitan WILL secure our members from falling prey to other denominations. Remember ! Loss of ONE will later cause MANY to depart from the root and we will be held responsible for that. So many times and numerous occasions we are agonized to learn that we lost one of our own here and another one there. If we have prior knowledge of their arrival the situation could have been different. Of course! There can be some, I mean very few, as I stated above within parenthesis whom none can help.

      May the Lord of our Holy Fathers help us.

      Babu Jacob Nadayil

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, SOCM Moderators wrote:
      > Dear Members
      > As a follow up of the discussions in SOCM Forum during October /
      November 2006, the Jacobite members in Singapore started their own
      Church recently. The first Holy Qurbana was celebrated by H.G.
      Thomas Mor Themotheos and around 100 families attended it. The vicar
      Fr. Kuriakose Kadavumbhagam celebrated the Holy Qurbana from next
      Sunday onwards. It is estimated that around 300 jacobite families
      are in Singapore. The new church, to be named after St. Mary, is
      currently celebrating Holy Qurbana at the Marthoma Church in
    • SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com
      Dear All in Christ Barekmore / Shlomo We, Malankara Jacobite Internet Platform (http://www.socmnet.org), Syriac Orthodox Resources (http://www.sor.cua.edu) and
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        Dear All in Christ
        Barekmore / Shlomo

        We, Malankara Jacobite Internet Platform (http://www.socmnet.org), Syriac
        Orthodox Resources (http://www.sor.cua.edu) and Malankara Syriac Christian
        Resource (http://www.syrianchurch.org/) together are compiling the following
        informations to publish an online directory of Syriac orthodox Clergy.

        Please note that this project is not based on any official church directives.

        We request each and every one of our forum members to request all clergy you
        know, to provide the informations on the following format along with a
        photograph of the clergy, to soc.clergylist@... . If you are a third
        party providing these informations, then you must have clear consent from

        First Name:-
        Middle Name:-
        Last Name:-
        Family Name:-

        Place of Birth:-
        Date of Birth & Age:-
        Present Diocese:-
        Home parish:-
        Present parish:-

        Ordination date:
        Ordained by:
        Present Clergy Status:-
        (Mzamrono / Qoruyo / Apodiakno / Mshamshono / Archdeacon/ Qashisho /
        Sharwoyo /Dayroyo / Rabban / Cor episcopos)

        Do you have Professional and/or Decorative titles? Yes or No:-
        If yes, what is the Profession? (Dr. / Eng. / Prof. etc):-

        Email Id:-
        Contact Tel. number:-
        Postal address:-

        Any additional information to be published on line:-

        Be with us and be part of us

        In HIS Love
        Webmasters & Moderators
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