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  • Issac K Joseph
    Thanks to the coven of the dialogue mongers and the Hindu theo-nazis,organized by the Indian Institute of Christian Studies,Kerala ,the Indian Christians have
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2002
      Thanks to the coven of the dialogue mongers and the
      Hindu theo-nazis,organized by the Indian Institute of
      Christian Studies,Kerala ,the Indian Christians have once
      again been insulted and abused.The coven named
      RSS-Christian perspective meet had both the Kupahalli
      Sudarshan,the fuhrer of the Hindu theo-nazi army RSS
      and his John Joseph,a member of the National
      Commission of Minorities who was the moving force
      who remained behind the curtains until the talks
      took off.

      Here is what the fuhrer commanded the Christians..

      " There is nothing such as 'voluntary conversion'.

      "Conversion (to Christianity) is violence".

      "Christians have no right to convert.They are misusing
      the Constitutional right to propagate religion".

      "Christians must re-interpret/modify the Bible to include the
      Bharateeya culture."

      "The Churches must come under the umbrella of the
      swadeshi (national) Church".

      "No one should claim (special) rights as minorities in India."

      "The Baptist Church is responsible for insurgency in the

      "The Dalit Christians cannot claim any speacial rights."

      "Christianity is an agressive religion.It believes in
      imposing religion on others."

      "The minorities should strive to stop religious violence in India."

      The above are just a few the Sudarshan dictums made to the
      mute Christian audience.

      The coven claim to have discussed at least 7 issues which
      ranged from conversions to foreign aid.

      The RSS fuhrer was quite at ease as he continued his assault
      on the Christians.He said that the arguments raised by the
      Christians 'were vague'.

      KT Thomas who delivered the key note address said ..
      "It may not be possible to avoid conversions.."

      " There is unanimity in all religions that conversions
      by force is unethical and illegal.... " .

      The perspective meet (whatever one means by it) was
      symbolized by the total absence of any representation
      from the Churches in the state.There are some talks
      of a single renegade bishop who did participate in the meet,
      in his personal capacity ,but his identity and denomination
      is yet to be determined.No Church in the state sought it
      fit to attend the dialogue coven.

      Since no Church or bishop was ready to identify itself
      with the meet with the wicked and against the overwhelming
      sentiments of the laity,the conspirators had to remain
      the background till the last moment to avoid shame.
      The meet was an utter disaster even before it took off in the
      sense that no Church or denomination acknowledge the meet.
      The organizers had to contend with self-seeking personalities
      and those in search of limelight.All they could come up
      with were few Christians who could at best be branded
      as small time activists,none of whom are known to have
      actively taken up the Christian cause or the minority issues.

      None in the audience of His Highness Sudarshan dared to
      question Sudarshan about the millions of foreign aid to
      the VHP , the conversions orchestrated by the VHP -VKS
      or the terror and genocide unleashed by the elements of
      the Sangh Parivar.

      The RSS-Christian meet was a meeting was titled
      wrongly as it had nothing to do with either the Christian
      denominations or the Christians of the state.It was
      nothing more than a get together for the RSS and their
      admirers in the Church.The outcome of the talks,
      needless to say is a BIG ZERO.
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