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An Open Letter

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  • Mani P Sam
    Dear Brethren, The recent happenings in our Church (I mean our church because Church is made of the faithful living as well as those who have slept in Jesus
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2002
      Dear Brethren,
      The recent happenings in our Church (I mean our church because Church
      is made of the faithful living as well as those who have slept in
      Jesus and not merely by the advocates and their supporters who want
      litigation and other non-Christian activities to profligate) make me
      wonder as to why the majority members are keeping silent and allowing
      the church to be lead (mislead?) by a bunch of people on BOTH
      FACTIONS or sides or whatever you may choose to call them.

      Are you all interested in paying out more and more money in the form
      of court fees and advocate fees and as expenses towards organizing
      propaganda and counter-propaganda meetings?

      All are indulging in a sort of mud slinging which may even put the
      politicians to shame.
      At the same time they all claim to represent the TRUE FAITH and are
      indulging in all the above activities for furthering the Faith. I am
      at a loss to understand the so-called faith they are talking about.
      Has it anything to do with CHRIST or CHRISTIANITY? I think my answer
      is a very loud NO. The leaders who instigate or indulge or refrain
      from condemning such activities by their so-called supporters have
      long away severed their connection with Christ and Christianity.

      I am reminded of the Mosaic laws about making an offering to God. If
      you are not at peace with your brother you are supposed to leave the
      offering, go back to your brother, reconcile with him and thereafter
      come back offer the sacrifice to god.

      Is there any doubt that the members of the factions belong to the
      same brotherhood? If there is no doubt in it, how can a person who is
      ordained in the name of Christ Jesus do not go out an extra yard and
      reconcile with the other side?

      I am sure there are many churches (mainly outside Kerala) where
      members are more tolerant of their fellow parish members
      (irrespective of the faction) and conduct the services amicably.
      There are many instances where services are conducted in Protestant
      and/or Catholic churches.
      All the Bishops, clergy and so-called leaders talk about ecumenism
      and joint Christmas and Easter celebrations but why can't they
      tolerate each other?
      My mail is mainly addressed to members of this forum and I would
      request all of you to promote reconciliation and fellow feeling by
      not stating, publishing or promoting denigrating views and news and
      articles. Take a firm stand against further wastage of scarce
      I would even a go a step further and suggest a compulsory meeting of
      so called faction leaders in a Monastery and they should not be
      allowed to come out of the place till they arrive at a solution which
      is acceptable to all. At least this will allow all the peace loving
      members to carry on their business as usual. All those who claim to
      be having control or authority over revenue yielding temporal asset
      shall be sent for this conclave.
      I am sure, none of them will agree to this because their interest is
      in controlling the worldly assets and not what they all are vowed to
      preserve and propagate.
      I do not claim any affinity to any faction or forum. I am a member of
      quite a few mail groups and the contents of certain mails have
      prompted me to post this.
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