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Matrimonial Digest / 0073-2007

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  • SOCM Matrimonial
    Matrimonial Digest / 0073-2007 Dear Members, We do not take or assume any responsibility for the particulars given by the advertiser. Concerned parties are
    Message 1 of 1469 , May 28, 2007
      Matrimonial Digest / 0073-2007

      Dear Members,

      We do not take or assume any responsibility for the particulars
      given by the advertiser. Concerned parties are encouraged to verify
      the particulars. As per the request of some advertisers we withheld
      the contact details and will forward any reply to the advertiser for
      further personal contact.

      Further correspondence to be done with the E-Mail address / Phone
      Number given against each advertisment. Please note, no space needed
      after or beofre '@'sign in the given E-Mail ID.

      Please read the successful stories of the matrimonial advertisement
      in the SOCM forum at


      For the full list of the matrimonial advertisement, please visit:


      Matrimonial; Code # 087/07
      May 31, 2007

      Orthodox parents settled in Kochi(orginaly from Mavelikara)invite
      perposal for their daughter 29 years 170cm white slim,born and
      brought up outside Kerala,B.Tech from Govt Engg College, Trichur,
      Kerala MS from USA and Currently working for Satyam Computers as
      Consultant in Atlanta USA. We are looking for a God fearing moral
      back ground with equally or highly qulified and well placed boy of
      up to 33years of age.Intersted parties may contact mathews1941 @ gmail.com with biodata and recent photograph.

      Matrimonial; Code # 079/07
      May 20, 2007

      Orthodox Syrian Christian parents settled in the USA (Originally
      from Kottayam Dist.) invite suitable marriage proposals for their
      daughter, 26 years old, born and brought up in the USA, god fearing,
      presently completing Ph D. in neuro molecular biology (neuroscience)
      from a prestigious university in the USA. We are looking for a god
      fearing boy with good educational and moral background. Interested
      parties may contact marriage @ 1stmedicine.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 078/07
      April 17, 2007

      Jacobite parents from Kottayam, now settled in Nagercoil, is
      inviting proposals for their elder daughter, who is aged 25, very
      spiritual, good looking, medium complexion, MCA graduate and working
      in an MNC in Chennai as software engineer.

      The boy should be very spiritual with clean habits, professional,
      employed in India or overseas. Father employed, mother housewife and
      younger sister also employed. If interested, please contact with
      full details to: tcvarghese @ ka-latex.com or monthiruvanchoor @
      hotmail.com or Tel: +91- 4652-260889 (R) & +91-9442227719

      Matrimonial; Code # 077/07
      April 17, 2007

      A well known core-episcopa in the Jacobite church seeking proposals
      to his daughter. The girl is 24 yrs old and a MCA holder. She is God
      fearing, good looking, slim and pleasant in nature. Her height is
      5" 4". The boy should be God fearing. IT professionals working in
      India or abroad are preferred.Please contact at eldhoshimmy @ yahoo.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 075/07
      April 17, 2007

      Orthodox Christian parents (Retd. from central Govt. service) based
      at central Travancore, good family, invite proposals for their
      daughter who is 24/156cm, B. Tech (Civil Engg.), MBA, fair
      complexion, slim, God - fearing and good looking. She is currently
      working as a lecturer in an Engineering college. We are looking for
      a God fearing, good looking, educated, well placed Orthodox boy. If
      interested please respond with the proposed boy's detailed profile
      and photograph to plavilakkal @ gmail.com or Tel: +91- 468 - 2317178
      (Kerala), +61-423232659 (Australia).

      Matrimonial; Code # 074/07
      April 17, 2007

      27yr god fearing beautiful Bsc nurse ,Working in Muscat. Father
      expired Mother house wife, elder sister settled in Singapore,
      younger sister working as a staff in medical college hospital,
      brother studying MCA. If interested please email to
      paulalias2005 @ yahoo.co.in

      Matrimonial; Code # 072/07
      May 07, 2007 ***

      Jacobite parents from Kottayam now settled in Bangalore invite
      proposals for their daughter, fair,27 yrs, 165 Cm, S/W Engineer
      pursuing PhD in UK (Fully funded) from Parents of well educated and
      professionally settled boys from middleclass godfearing
      Jacobite/Orthodox or Marthomite families. Girl visiting India in
      December 2006. Please contact with biodata and recent photo.
      myz_9619 @ yahoo.co.in 09448842614

      Matrimonial; Code # 071/06
      April 17, 2007

      Well settled NRI orthodox Parents from Central Travancore invite
      proposals for their daughter 26/162, God-fearing, beautiful, PG
      Engineer with good academic records and employed in UAE (arriving
      Kerala on leave by end of October) from Parents of God-fearing PG
      Engineers/Doctors, Engineers with MBA, C.A., Management
      Professionals with good Christian family background and well
      employed preferably abroad. Respond to e-mail:
      jacobite_50 @ rediffmail.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 070/06
      April 17, 2007

      Mumbai based Marthoma parents invited proposal for their daughter,
      25 years, 158 cm, B Pham, working in MNC – Insurance Co, Mumbai as
      a Underwriter. Father working in Govt. service. Proposal invited
      from God fearing and well employed boys from India / abroad.
      Interest parents may contact: - papa_ofa @ yahoo.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 067/06
      April 17, 2007

      Parents from jaccobit family, Ernakulam ,invites proposal for
      their daughter , who is M.A.Bed(lts) working in reputed English
      meaduim school, kolencherry. she 27yrs, very fair, 5ft.2inch tall &
      she has one sister married to a doctor setteled in Ireland. Plz
      contact 0974 5546501 Qatar, or 0914842760328 Ernakulam. mail
      petersonv @ hotmail.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 065/06
      April 17, 2007

      Invite proposals for a Jacobite B.Tech girl 25years 170cms height
      working as a software engineer in a reputed firm in Trivandrum. Girl
      is smart and good looking and brought up in very religious priestly
      family. Contact on 093429-71427 or sasi-47 @ hotmail.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 064/06
      April 17, 2007

      Jacobite parents invite proposal for their daughter. She is 29 years
      old 5'5" tall slim and fair.She is Working in her field after
      finishing M.Sc in Enginnering. We settled in Canada.
      Please contact with photo and details.E-mail thomekurian @ yahoo.ca

      Matrimonial; Code # 061/06
      April 17, 2007

      A middle class Kottayam District Jacobite syrian parents seeking
      alliance for their beautiful daughter 25yrs, height 5.4'', Fair /
      Wheatish, B'Pharm. currently working in a Pharmaceutical company in

      Brought up outside Kerala. Fluent in Malayalam (speak /read).Parents
      currently working in Calcutta. She is God-fearing, Religious, Fun-
      loving, Easy going, honest, sincere, simple and down to earth girl
      having a blend of modern & traditional outlook towards life.

      The boy should be God fearing educated & employed. Please respond
      if interested with full details johnmancha_kolkata @ rediffmail.com OR
      contact 033 - 2329 9197 (7.00 p.m. –10.00 a.m.)

      Matrimonial; Code # 060/06
      April 17, 2007

      Jacobite parents from Pathanamthitta Dist presently living in USA
      invite suitable marriage proposals for their daughter, 23 years,
      fair, 165 cm, Engineer (Electrical & Telecommunication) presently
      doing her Masters Degree course in USA, green card holder born and
      brought up in Kuwait graduated from India.

      Proposals are invited from God fearing, family oriented boys having
      similiar or equal educational background who would like to migrate
      or continue his studies in USA. Interested parties may contact with
      full details on email gjacobjohn @ hotmail.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 059/06
      April 17, 2007

      Proposals invited for a Jacobite Christian girl from Ernakulam
      district, 24 years/155cms/Wheatish colour/Msc and currently doing
      BEd,financially sound from professionals preferably of Ernakulam
      district.Father a retired teacher,Mother a Housewife,only sister
      married and well settled. If interested please do contact
      georgecissac @ yahoo.co.in

      Matrimonial; Code # 049/06
      April 17, 2007

      Suitable alliance invited for a Jacobite girl MS (Dual certification
      in Education), 25 years, 5.4", fair, slim, simple and beautiful.
      She is the eldest of the two children of her parents and her brother
      is in college. Born in India, she is raised in Middle-east and US.
      She hails from a well respected Orthodox family settled in US. She
      is a Sunday School Teacher and family is actively involved in
      Church and public life. Father is in business and mother is a RN.
      Interested parties may please contact at bharanimol @ gmail.com
      preferably with detailed bio-data and the picture of the boy

      Matrimonial; Code # 048/06
      April 17, 2007

      Orthodox parents from Ernakulam dist invite proposals for their
      daughter, widow 39 yrs.5'3", Home Science diploma,fair, very Home
      loving and God fearing, from Orthodox/Jacobite Widowers of 40 to 45
      age group, well settled in life in India or abroad, with clean
      habits, positive attitude towards life and home loving. Please
      respond to anupal23 @ yahoo.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 045/06
      April 17, 2007

      Proposals invited for a god fearing girl 28years 28/163 cm
      preparing for MFDS and working in Chennai, from a middle class
      Jacobite family from Perumbavoor. Her parents working in Kuwait.
      Sister, BDS and doing internship & brother final year ECE student.

      Proposals are invited from god fearing, well placed professionals
      from India/abroad, with good moral values and clean habits.
      Interested parties may please respond to sheelagk @ yahoo.co.in with
      full details and recent full size photograph of the boy.

      Matrimonial; Code # 086/07
      May 30, 2007

      Jacobite Syrian Orthodox NRI parents settled in Chennai (originally
      from Ernakulam dist) invite proposals for their son, 26/172, MBA,
      executive in a reputed company in Chennai,medium-fair complexion and
      religious, from parents of good looking and qualified girls below 24
      years old.

      We are looking for a God-fearing, efficient, caring, family oriented
      and pleasant girl from a good Jacobite/Orthodox/Marthoma family.
      Please contact with details and photograph to email fgjthoppil @ yahoo.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 085/07
      May 27, 2007

      Jacobite parents from Kottayam, invites proposal for their son (29 -
      174), Software Engineer, handsome, very spiritual, employed in
      Bahrain, and is coming on vacation in December 2007. The girl
      should be spiritual, preferably B.Sc nurse or employed in Bahrain.
      Interested parents may send the details and photograph to
      jojivattamala @ yahoo.co.in or contact Tel: 0481-2555074.

      Matrimonial; Code # 084/07
      May 26, 2007

      Suitable proposals are invited for a Jacobite boy from Kothamangalam,
      32years, 167cms, Chartered Accountant, working in a MNC Chennai.
      contact email: bijuchelad @ yahoo.co.in

      Matrimonial; Code # 083/07
      April 29, 2007

      Proposal invited for a Jacobite boy,32yrs, fair, 6ft-1 inch tall,
      (Engineer) belongs to an ancient-modern family well known to Syrian
      Christians, boy's parents are both doctors, looking for a beautiful
      girl, well educated with good values, preferably non-working.
      Interested parties may email to vayaliphilip @ hotmail.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 082/07
      April 25, 2007

      Proposals invited for a 27-year-old Jacobite Syrian Christian boy,
      6 feet tall, hailing from a traditional Jacobite Syrian Christian
      family from Kottayam. He is very spiritually involved in church
      activities and is currently settled in the United States. He was
      born and raised in India and moved to the US during college years.
      He has both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical
      Engineering from reputable US Universities. He is currently working
      as an Electrical Engineering for a well-known design firm in New
      York. His parents are also settled in New York. Proposals are
      invited from God fearing, professional girls (age 22-26) with
      comparative educational and family back ground. Interested parties
      may please respond to nydestiny @ gmail.com with full details and a
      recent full-size photograph.

      Matrimonial; Code # 079/07
      April 17, 2007

      Middle class Jacobite Parents from Angamali Diocese invites
      proposals for their son aged 28yrs, 5' 5" height, working as a
      graphic designer in an advertising companym in Dubai.Father
      (agriculture), Mother house wife . One elder sister married and
      settled. Interested parties Please respond to email:
      gb360dubai @ yahoo.com or by phone : 0485 – 2588344 (R)".

      Matrimonial; Code # 076/07
      April 17, 2007

      Orthodox boy, Austrlian Permanent Resident, 28/178 cm, fair, BCom,
      MBA, IELTS, Accountant, God fearing and finacially sound Proposals
      are invited from the parents of God fearing, good looking, and
      educated girls. Please contact with biodata and photo.
      adpvk @ yahoo.com, +61-423232659

      Matrimonial; Code # 073/07
      April 17, 2007

      Proposals are invited for a Syrian Orthodox Teetotaller boy from
      middle class family of 29 years/5.4"/64Kg/MBA (Mkt&HR)/B.Sc
      (elec)/CCNA 2.0/ Canada immigration applicant/ Working with a Delhi
      based media organization in Kathmandu as IT Eng. Those who are
      interested may contact jacu1 @ rediffmail.com / Ph: +91-492-2265239/

      Matrimonial; Code # 069/07
      April 17, 2007

      Jacobite Parents from Kottayam Diocese invites proposals for their
      son aged 30yrs, 173 cm height, white, working as Network Engineer in
      leading private Hospital in UAE. Father Late Retired Teacher Mother
      housewife .One elder brother and syster, married and settled in
      kottayam. Interested parties Please respond to email:kfcktm @ yahoo.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 063/06
      April 17, 2007

      Orthodox Christian boy from Kottayam District, 28 yrs, Polytechnic
      Diploma (Automobiles), very spiritual with clean habits and employed
      as Technical Consultant in Dubai based company with family status.
      White complexion, 181 cm. looking for qualified, God fearing
      girl (Nurses/ Graduates preferred) from middle class families.
      Father expired, mom house wife, sister working in RML New Delhi.

      Please respond if interested with full details and recent
      photographs to bjkuriakose @ yahoo.com or contact on 0481-2462502
      (KTM) / 050-3538208 (DXB) or 04-2224051 between 5.30 to 10.30 pm.

      Matrimonial; Code # 058/06
      April 17, 2007

      Middle Class Jacobite parents from Kothamangalam seeking proposals
      from Jacobite families only for their son, MCA graduate, 25 years
      (DOB-19/10/81, Height: 161 cm) working as a software engineer in an
      MNC (Satyam Computer Services). Parents are retired teachers and the
      only sister is married and settled. Girls must be God fearing,
      loyalty towards the Church and who are graduates or doing above
      degree 2nd year. Interested parties may contact Mr. Abin George
      Kuriakose on 0091-9949496760 or e-mail: usocsecure @ yahoo.com

      Matrimonial; Code # 056/06
      April 17, 2007

      Proposals invited for a god fearing Boy 26yrs/186 cm , from a middle
      class Jacobite family from Muvattupuzha. He is a B-Tech graduate in
      Computer Science and Engg. Now working as GM in a US based company
      at Infopark, Kochi. His parents were in Bhilai and now settled in
      Muvattupuzha. Sister, BSc Nurse married and settled in Florida (US).

      Proposals are invited from god fearing, well placed professionals
      preferrably from US, with god fearing girls with similar backgrounds
      (nurses please excuse). Interested parties may please respond to
      seemasijin @ yahoo.com with full details and recent full size
      photograph of the Girl

      Matrimonial; Code # 055/06
      April 17, 2007

      Jacobite parents from Mumbai invite proposals for their son 40,
      medium complexion, divorcee, B.Sc. working in an MNC Pharmaceutical
      company. Interested parties may please reply to rcmemts @ yahoo.co.in
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      Dear All in Christ Barekmore / Shlomo We, Malankara Jacobite Internet Platform (http://www.socmnet.org), Syriac Orthodox Resources (http://www.sor.cua.edu) and
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        Dear All in Christ
        Barekmore / Shlomo

        We, Malankara Jacobite Internet Platform (http://www.socmnet.org), Syriac
        Orthodox Resources (http://www.sor.cua.edu) and Malankara Syriac Christian
        Resource (http://www.syrianchurch.org/) together are compiling the following
        informations to publish an online directory of Syriac orthodox Clergy.

        Please note that this project is not based on any official church directives.

        We request each and every one of our forum members to request all clergy you
        know, to provide the informations on the following format along with a
        photograph of the clergy, to soc.clergylist@... . If you are a third
        party providing these informations, then you must have clear consent from

        First Name:-
        Middle Name:-
        Last Name:-
        Family Name:-

        Place of Birth:-
        Date of Birth & Age:-
        Present Diocese:-
        Home parish:-
        Present parish:-

        Ordination date:
        Ordained by:
        Present Clergy Status:-
        (Mzamrono / Qoruyo / Apodiakno / Mshamshono / Archdeacon/ Qashisho /
        Sharwoyo /Dayroyo / Rabban / Cor episcopos)

        Do you have Professional and/or Decorative titles? Yes or No:-
        If yes, what is the Profession? (Dr. / Eng. / Prof. etc):-

        Email Id:-
        Contact Tel. number:-
        Postal address:-

        Any additional information to be published on line:-

        Be with us and be part of us

        In HIS Love
        Webmasters & Moderators
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