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  • JUNAS from Mumbai
    Dear Moderators, Given below are mostly quotes from few others recent postings . 1. Susan wrote: One of the characteristic features of the Syrian
    Message 1 of 1469 , Apr 21, 2007
      Dear Moderators,

      Given below are mostly quotes from few others' recent postings .

      1. 'Susan' wrote:
      " One of the characteristic features of the Syrian Orthodox Church is the presence of a Patriarch based at Damascus." ( ACCEPTED FACT )
      "When a Syrian Orthodox Christian speaks of a unified Church, it really does not make ;much sense . It is impossible to be a Syrian Orthodox Christian and part of a unified Church with the Indian Orthodox Christians."

      "It however, make a lot of sense for an Indian Orthodox Christian to talk of joining a Syrian Orthodox congregation. Syrian Orthodox Christians take pride in their historic episcopate."

      "Moreover it is very important to remind ourselves time and again why we are in this Mess. A lot of young blood tends to be misinformed and I may be one myself "

      Note: I am an old timer and not from the new generation ; not a Church historian but grew up through the faction fights having close relatives in both groups exchanging harsh words and heated arguments leading to no conclusive ends.

      2.' Paul Regi' wrote:

      " Isn't it sad ? If we cannot forgive one another how can we be called followers of Lord."

      "So all I can do is pray and that I do daily for the Church. Hope peace prevail one day. "

      Note: I too join you in prayers.

      3. ' Dr. George K.John ' wrote:

      " I tried to argue with both groups for a Christian love in our Church so that all faction fights for supremacy , properties, power etc. could be stopped permanently. Several counter arguments were posted to support the faction fights in the name of faith."

      "The most unfortunate thing happened was the SC judgement came when the whole Church was going through Passion Week. The Priests and Bishops were not supposed to leave the Church as they have to lead seven times prayers and meditation during the Holy Week. But they were in the corridors of Supreme Court".

      " Prayers were conducted against own brothers. Shouted slogans ( ) and confused tthe faithfuls with ( ) interpretations"

      "What else one can expect from the community tht give preference for collecting funds to worshop"

      "Millions are praying and may the Holy Sprit guide us to convert our Lords Houses into prayer Houses again and not political meeting grounds. "

      Note: Dr.Georgekunju, what is in a name. We know each other and I write under a 'pen name' and that way our dialouges will be healthier.

      Let us pray to save us from the ROMAN SOLDIERS ( referred by you ) of both the factions.

      4.'George Aramath' wrote:

      " Peace be with you. This is what Christ offers us. Peace, it can only be found in Him ."

      " Our arguments divide us and bring hate. This is what satan wishes , to divide us from our families and friends. US AGAINST THEM "

      Only God knows when these disputes will end. After 100 years of fighting and countless money spent on lawyers ( ) , the last SC judgement has taken us back ( to square one) TO CONTINUE THE COURT CASES."

      Note: Let us pray for peace to be bestowed upon our families from Heaven.

      5.' George Issac' wrote:

      "Assariyude chethilum, Thadiyude valavilum ulla kuravukal" ( The poor workmanship and the defective material together causing the problems ).

      Note: We are facing such problems in many families .

      Born with the fighting spirits inherited from our forefathers and the misgivings instilled in us by the leaderships , together turn us into soft targets for the Generals to direct us and send us to the forefronts to fight the never ending battles. To divide and rule is in the interest of the RULERS.

      JUNAS from Mumbai.
    • SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com
      Dear All in Christ Barekmore / Shlomo We, Malankara Jacobite Internet Platform (http://www.socmnet.org), Syriac Orthodox Resources (http://www.sor.cua.edu) and
      Message 1469 of 1469 , Nov 18, 2007
        Dear All in Christ
        Barekmore / Shlomo

        We, Malankara Jacobite Internet Platform (http://www.socmnet.org), Syriac
        Orthodox Resources (http://www.sor.cua.edu) and Malankara Syriac Christian
        Resource (http://www.syrianchurch.org/) together are compiling the following
        informations to publish an online directory of Syriac orthodox Clergy.

        Please note that this project is not based on any official church directives.

        We request each and every one of our forum members to request all clergy you
        know, to provide the informations on the following format along with a
        photograph of the clergy, to soc.clergylist@... . If you are a third
        party providing these informations, then you must have clear consent from

        First Name:-
        Middle Name:-
        Last Name:-
        Family Name:-

        Place of Birth:-
        Date of Birth & Age:-
        Present Diocese:-
        Home parish:-
        Present parish:-

        Ordination date:
        Ordained by:
        Present Clergy Status:-
        (Mzamrono / Qoruyo / Apodiakno / Mshamshono / Archdeacon/ Qashisho /
        Sharwoyo /Dayroyo / Rabban / Cor episcopos)

        Do you have Professional and/or Decorative titles? Yes or No:-
        If yes, what is the Profession? (Dr. / Eng. / Prof. etc):-

        Email Id:-
        Contact Tel. number:-
        Postal address:-

        Any additional information to be published on line:-

        Be with us and be part of us

        In HIS Love
        Webmasters & Moderators
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