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Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church

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  • Varghese C. J
    Dear All, It is very common in an IO Forum the clergy as well as laymen rIdicule the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church a newly born one in 2002. I feel pity
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2007
      Dear All,

      It is very common in an IO Forum the clergy as well as laymen rIdicule the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church a newly born one in 2002. I feel pity over their logical conclusion with such a statement. If they stick on with this statement, I challenge the IOC leadership as a whole to stick to this stand. If they can, then the 1958 SC Judgment has to be re-written with such a stand. What they claim and how they won in the 1958 SC judgment? If one review it impartially, it is very clear that the 1936 Karingachira Association convened by the then Malankara Metropolitan of the Jacobite Church was not properly intimated or announced, and just with this technicality was the focuss of the SC verdict of 1958. The SC, the IOC and the Malankarites know that there were a parallel Association, Sunday School etc. from the early 20th century till 1960s. It is a fact that in the Association Meeting that passed the 1934 constition (which is revered as the most Holy Book by the Orthodox faction, not even the Holy Bible will not be able to withstand with their conviction of reverence to this Constitution) was not represented by All the Syrian Christian Churches, since the division among the Church was so severe during that period. The Churches, those did not attend the Association which passed the 1934 Constituion, attended the Karingachira Association. It is a fact that the draft Constitution the IOC upheld most, was thrown out through a window by the then Malankara Metropolitan, Mor Vattasseril Thirumeni, the man behind the current unrest in the Holy Church in Malankara.

      My point is that, if the IOCians ridicule the Jacobite Church as a society created at Puthencruz in 2002, because in the Association meeting of the Jacobites held at Puthencruz passed a constitution, and hence they ridicule the Jacobites as a new born Church. If we agree with them, then a question will arise, when did their IOC church born? Defenitely not in AD 52 as they claim, only in 1934?

      The St. Thomas Nazranis of Malankara is known as Syrian Christians (Jacobites) since centuries. The IOCians know very well that they cannot shed away the stamp of Syrianness from them. They know very well that for materialistic benefit - i.e. to snatch the Churches, not the faithfuls (their main agenda) they require this stamping of Syrianness, and also the first clause of their 1934 Constitution (it is evident from so many statements of their leaders that Syrianness and alergy to abide the Head of the Church, who is not an Indian - they call "an Arabi" - may God forgive me for quoting this). Till they achieve this, they will not change the name of their Church by shredding away the Syrianness and amend the first clause of the constitution - this is their "Thuruppu-cheet" (sorry for using this term).

      I, hailing from Southern Kerala (Pathanamthitta), have both Patriarchis and Orthodox Churches. My home parish (a Patriarchis church) is established in 1933, i.e. before the birth of the 1934 Constitution of the IOC. Likewise in almost all the surrounding villages, there are Patriarchis as well as Orthodox Churches. Except a few Patriarchis Churches (closed because of the 1964 unity move, and the IOCians joined with these churches, and finally they were closed), all other Parishes are functiong well. None of the Patriarchis Churches accepted the 1934 Constitution, and how can we surrender it to the IOCians and their Metrans? There are people who will say that both the Churches are same. Is it true? We believe because of the Saint of Parumala, and his dovotion to the Antiochian Patriarch is the root of our identity in the southern part, otherwise the picture would have been different. I do not know, whether the IOCians accept it or not. It is painful for us that the relics of the Parumala Saint is under the control of a band of people, who never think or stood with, or profess the faith that the Saint proudly proclaimed. Under any circumstances of Christian love for PEACE and UNITY, again a unity in Malankara if possible, the ultimate gainer will be the IO Church, and hence we all feel that a unity will be suicidal for us. Just by keeping our identity separate as Jacobites, accepting the IOCians as a separate identity is the only possibility.

      Let us all pray for the creation of such a situation - to accept each other and stand separately.

      With prayers,
      CJ Varughese
      Member ID 1012
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