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  • Shinu Jesus Abraham
    Greetings to all Thanks to George achen of ICON for the thoughts. Unity of mankind or the whole world is a wonderful dream, but for what? It was not for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2007
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      Greetings to all

      Thanks to George achen of ICON for the thoughts. Unity of mankind or
      the whole world is a wonderful dream, but for what? It was not for
      the throne of St. Thomas or St. Peter. So the interpretation is
      totally false. It was for salvation and you believe it can be
      achieved through litigations, fights and closing of churches – sorry
      I believe you are in the wrong path. Moreover who are we to achieve
      that when you yourself said "that has been His (Jesus) only
      unaccomplished ambition".

      Your comparison of the current litigation between two holy factions
      to that of the women who came to King Solomon as in 1 Kings 3:16-28
      too is not right and not comparable because
      1. there the argument was between two prostitutes
      2. they came to King Solomon because one of their child was
      dead and only one was alive
      3. they knew King Solomon was the right and absolute authority.

      No one can and should say Parumala Kochuthirumeni is a saint and
      Manjanikkara Bava is less by any means. We all should accept the
      Holiness of both Pampady thirumeni as well as Valiya thirumeni of
      Thrikkunnathu Seminary. Both these orthodox churches are holy and as
      per my view it is only unholy because of the litigation which is
      going on for decades.

      When I said it is right to divide and part between the brothers as
      mentioned in the last mail you preferred to keep the relationship as
      neighbors and asked me if I will part my personal properties for the
      love of your neighbor. Let's see what the commandments were.

      Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 17: You shall not covet your neighbor's
      house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant
      or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your

      In the New Testament Jesus taught us the two most important
      commandments of which the second was as in Mark 12 Verse 31: Love
      your neighbor as yourself.

      First let us stop thinking of taking (covet) his properties and show
      some love and respect as brother or neighbor, and then of giving
      away of your properties. Let us preach and practice the true
      Christianity rather than what is happening now.

      I cannot accept the argument that the courts of justice are the
      supreme and JUST authorities. How can you say Lord Jesus got justice
      from Pontius Pilate who was the supreme governor and who had powers
      to free him or to crucify him? Can anybody be sure of the judgment
      regarding the existence of holy thrones by these courts? Tomorrow if
      the court rules of the creation of a trust similar to "Dewaswam
      Board" will it be a just judgment? After a couple of decades
      American Diocese declare autonomy and autocephaly and
      create "Catholicose of west" will we be able to speak in any courts?

      Yes I do believe in democracy and that of India were we painfully
      accepted the division of it into India and Pakistan which was the
      best solution (yes – not the right solution which was the unified
      India) as accepted by Gandiji who was a better Christian than all of
      us. At the same time we cannot justify the judgments and atrocities
      by the US government all around the world in the name of democracy.

      My personal view is if any of the parishes having less than 20-25%
      (which can be decided by a Christian arbitration committee) of the
      minority factions should not have any claim on the church and church
      properties other than accepting the larger faction, and parishes
      having 20%-49.9% having the minority faction in a disputed church
      should be helped by the majority faction to establish a new church.
      It will be Christian solution for this century old dispute rather
      than what is going on in the courts and the streets.

      Lets us accept and pray for the BEST possible solution for our Sabha
      case too which may not be the RIGHT solution for all the people in
      both the factions for whom the right solution is different for their
      own angles.

      Your brother in Christ

      Shinu Jesus Abraham
      St. Mary's Church, Thrukothamangalam
      # 2908
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