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March 30th ICON and Almayavedi edition of 17th April

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  • C J Varughese
    Dear All, It is wonderful to note that the the March 30th ICON digest, the Almayavedi edition of 17th April is pre-loaded with the future news that may come up
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2007
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      Dear All,

      It is wonderful to note that the the March 30th ICON digest, the Almayavedi edition of 17th April is pre-loaded with the future news that may come up in the near future. "Oodunna kaalakku oru mozham mumbe kayar", the philosophy of the IOC leadership is getting established with this only one action. There were numerous occasions in the past that they have done so, and hence they are successful in misguiding the not only the lay man, but also the courts in this land. We have seen that a court will announce a date for final judgement, but the day before the judgement would see the light. One
      may have to believe what one of the Kerala Ministry said about the courts. We, the Jacobites are the best example of suffering ones, because of such court judgements/decrees.

      It is again wonderful that in IOC and Almayavedi, there are prophets (or profit) who can make wonderful prophesies, that will be widely circulated among the poor Malankarite Syrians (read it exclusive as Indian Orthodox). The poor laymen in IOC do not understand the hidden agenda of Syrian hate by the IOC leaderships. They still are believing they are Syrian Christians. Here the exclusiveness of Syrianness is to be taught to these IOCians. They are no more Syrian Christians. Their leadership's vision & mission is having a speficity of hating Syrian Orthodox Church, its High Priest, its local head Aboon Mor Thomas 1 Catholicos and all other who profess their true faith. We believe in ONE and CATHOLIC holy Church. We, the Syrian Orthodox Church faithfuls believe in it, and proclaim and profess it. Whereas how a group of rebellious people, who assembled and under a rebelious leader only in the early 20th century, can claim their church is Universal. Let them first understand the meaning of Catholic nature of the Holy Church, and then try to make a Catholicose or Catholicate, Kottayam, Niranam or Thomakkadavu near niranam. The IOCians have to redefine the term Universality. They are under the impression that once an IOC parish is established in any other part of the globe will make them universal. What at pity? It would be nice, if the IOC leadership realize the separation of 10 tribes from the descendents of David, and the fate that Samaria faced. They thought they are 10, the other only 2. But their fate is sealed by the living GOD.

      They, the IOC should realize why Vattasseril Thirumeni didn't took charge of Ctholicose, and again why he was instrumental in getting revoked his excommuniction from HH Patriarch in 1932 at Alwaye. He could have got it revoked in 1912 itself at the time of installation of Catholicate by a deposed Patriarch, that he never thought of it. Though he revolted against the High Priest of the Holy Church, his consciousness never allowed him to give a death blow to the Holy Church. The better example is his authorship of the "Mathopadesha Sangathikal". His humaneness might have forced him for a revolt, but the spiritual awareness never allowed him to participate in the ordination of Catholicose by a deposed Patriarch or revoking of the
      ex-communication imposed upon him. Whereas the successor of him as Malankara Metropolitan had assumed both the Catholicose and Malanka Metropolitan positions, the then onwards the IOC's vision and mission got a drift from the Holy Faith of the Malankara Syrian Church. By laying low for decades with the dream of their vision and mission they got the 1958 Supreme Court verdict in their favour, and then onwards their aim of capturing more and more churches under their fold (read it as assets of Churches) not the mind of faithfuls. There are exceptions, people with high materialistic quench and positions were always waiting to cross across, but majority of Jacobites still stay firm in proclaiming their faith, and ready to defend their Churches, and hence the IOCian attempt of annexing all the properties of this ancient church is not yet fully completed.

      Let us all pray to Almighty to give us wisdom, courage, patience and purity of the heart to withstand the onslaught of these satanic aggression of our Church.

      With warms regards,
      C J Varughese
      Member ID 1012
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