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Morth Mariam Yeldos Aloho, (St. Mary) Part-5

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  • Fr. K.K. John
    One who spiritually bears Christ is Christian, Gal 4:19. St. Mary since spiritually and physically bore Christ is first of all Christians. She was sinless. She
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2002
      One who spiritually bears Christ is Christian, Gal 4:19. St. Mary
      since spiritually and physically bore Christ is first of all
      Christians. She was sinless. She is roll model for all mothers and
      all Christians of all ages and more especially in these days of
      lacking roll models. It is every Christian's duty to say she is
      blessed, Lk 1:48. Failure to say so would be utter disregard of what
      the Holy Spirit proclaimed, "Henceforth all generations shall call me
      blessed," Lk 1:48. The word `henceforth' weakens the Roman Catholic
      claim of "Immaculate birth of Mary." Her blessedness is not because
      of her birth but because she divinely conceived Jesus in her womb.
      Her blessedness is not from the time she was conceived in her
      mother's womb but from the time Holy Spirit came upon her.
      It was angel Gabriel who first greeted her, blessed, Lk 1:28. It was
      Holy Spirit through Elizabeth's mouth who first venerated her
      calling, "Mother of my Lord," Lk 1:43. By venerating her we are
      honoring Jesus and fulfilling obligation that Bible demands of us.
      September 8 is imagined as birthday of St. Mary. 8 days' lent is
      rigorously observed from first to eighth day of September. The lent
      comes to a close by commemoration of her birthday. This is not
      canonical but laity sponsored lent. Its date of origin is unknown.
      Variant traditions are claimed. Most certainly it started before
      eighteenth century somewhere in Europe out of extreme piety to the
      blessed mother of God. Proven efficacy of her mediation alone is its
      advertisement. Numerous miracles including healing of the sick,
      abandonment of evil life style, exorcism, granting of personal
      wishes, etc are widely reported from every quarter, irrespective of
      gender, race or color or national differences.

      Early writings like Biography of St. Mary, expository songs and
      prayers says, Jesus with host of angels appeared at the time of her
      departing. Disciples were gathered to the scene as informed by Holy
      Spirit from the respective mission fields. Jesus asked blessed mother
      if she had any wish. The blessed mother implored her only Son Jesus
      Christ to grant the believers genuine wishes they make through her
      intercession. Jesus instantly promised to do so and took her to

      Apostle Mathew entreated for mother's intercession in his prison
      cell. The iron railings of the cell melted away and he escaped. Tipu
      Sultan invaded Kerala. He reached Alwaye in 1789. The infamous Tipu
      and his Muslim soldiers let loose atrocities on Christian women. The
      dismayed hapless women resorted to fasting and prayer on the other
      bank of the river for 8 days and sought intercession of St. Mary.
      Governor General Lord Mornington, attacked his head quarters at
      Sreerangapatnam. Tipu was forced to go back to defend his head
      quarters but he could not. On the way back he fell from horse and
      succumbed to injuries sustained from the fall and prematurely died.
      The poor faithful women were miraculously saved from the brutality of

      Millions worldwide testify favors received through blessed
      mother's intercession. Manarkadu, Velankanni, miracle chapathi and
      the like stand out as living testimonies to her intercession.

      Her prayers be strong hold to us!
      End of the series
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