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Meaning of Easter today!

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  • Roy Cherian
    Meaning of Easter today! Gregorios Thirumeni wrote: There is no Easter without the path of the Cross! Jesus says: Path of the Cross is to surrender all worldly
    Message 1 of 3391 , Apr 7, 2007
      Meaning of Easter today!

      Gregorios Thirumeni wrote: There is no Easter without the path of the Cross! Jesus says: Path of the Cross is to surrender all worldly and personal interest and to follow Him.

      Here comes the challenge to the present day Christian leaderships: Can they come forward and show the helping hand to the persons in politics, Government, business, and in the helm of the social spheres, who are in deep wells of their sins and corruption and worldly affluence? If Church Spiritual leaders are going to continue to maintain their old life style, ignoring this important job of serving the fellow men, the ignorant mass will not understand the meaning of Easter. If we celebrate Resurrection and if we want the common man to accept the real meaning of Resurrection of Christ, then there should be a Spiritual force in the Church and among the Christians to drive away the forces of darkness and death and to attract others to the Church, who are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Prayer and social service are the only way out for the common man. Those who are becoming Christian High Priests, will have to show their extra ordinary ability to serve and lead the people. For example, they should have the capacity to heal the patients, at least to heal a patient with an ordinary fever. If they cannot, they have to attain that ability, by practicing continuous prayers and contemplation joining monastic life then come forward as a candidate before the people. Jesus is there with all that powers and love. If these professional spiritual leaders cannot tap that power, then they have to leave that position and try hard to access to that great power of God, given as a gift through Jesus Christ and then come back and serve the fellow men.

      When we say that we have to help the persons who are in the deep wells of sin, corruption, suffering from worldly affluence, then we need to think about the current methodology to save them. Here is the challenge. Christians Spiritual leaders or even the ordinary Christians are expected to do some important tasks like, healing the sick, educating the ignorant, helping the poor and needy, and counseling the drunkards and drug addicts and anti social elements,
      etc., etc. If they can do that, they can be called as the followers of Christ.

      It is obvious that all cannot practice that. But there is a next lower level of service. That is the volunteer level: to arrange to get these sinking people before Jesus. Let us see an example. When there was big crowd around a house, where Jesus was preaching, at least four volunteers lowered to Jesus, a paralyzed patient, breaking the roof of that house. They must have definitely
      taken the patient with his cot and climbed to the roof and then after dismantling carefully some portion of the roof, tying up the cot with ropes, lowered the patient to Jesus, like we are lowering the dead people to to their graves.

      In our case, we need to lower the ropes to get 'our patients' to come up to the plain ground. But our 'volunteers' need skills, patience and the most, dedication to bring them out of the wells. Sometimes, they have to go down to tie the patients with the rope and bring them to the top. In the well or den, there could be all sorts of people, not necessarily our own Church people. There
      can be all kinds of believers, communists, non believers, even who are not at all ready to cooperate with you like, those who are enjoying their fame, wealth and position. Here is the Path of the Cross for Christians. If we are a Christian, we need to carry that cross. The path is a narrow one, with full of thorns and hurdles and should be ready to face even the torturing and rejection from our own dear ones. There can be a time when our soul may cry: my Lord my lord, why have forsaken me?

      But, the path of the Cross will take you to a stage of complete surrendering, then reward you the resurrection, the immortality! if Christ is not risen our faith is in vain!

      Let us pray for more selfless 'volunteers', to work in every field, in the days of our lives!

      Wish you and your family, a blessed life-giving Joy of Easter!
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      Dear honorable members Greetings in HIS name To keep the forum debate s authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new
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        Dear honorable members

        Greetings in HIS name

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