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995The prayer 'HAIL MARY'

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  • Mathew B
    Aug 7 5:35 PM
      Dear members,

      Let me thank everyone for sending such good articles
      during this 15-day lent season dedicated to St. Mary.

      Biblical basis of the prayer�Hail Mary full of

      - �Peace be to you, Mary full of Grace; our Lord is
      with you, O blessed one among woman.� Angel Gabriel
      who came from God said this (Luke 1:28).
      [In Syriac - �slom leck Mariyam Malyas Thybooso.�
      Slom is a greeting (hail=greet) word among Jews. This
      is how it became Hail Mary]

      - Elizabeth who was filled with Holy Spirit said:
      �Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit
      of your womb� (Luke 1:42). How does it happen to me
      that mother of my Lord should come to me" (Luke 1:43)

      The final sentence is a request to Virgin Mary to pray
      for us.

      Source: http://www.stignatious.com/salvation5.htm#127