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993Mother of God? Part 4

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    Aug 8, 2002
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      Mother of God? Part 4

      From the second century onwards Church fathers had in no uncertain
      terms held that Christ, born from holy Virgin Mariam, assumed a body
      formed of the substance of her human essence.

      And was incarnate of the Holy Virgin Mary Mother of God, by the Holy
      Ghost and became man;….. (Nicene Creed)

      Epiphanius of Salamis (315-403)

      The Holy saviour who came down from heaven who deigned to fashion our
      salvation in virginal workshop who did not change His nature when He
      took on humanity along with His divinity… who took on the human flesh
      and soul being perfect at the side of the Father and incarnate among
      us, not in appearance but in truth, He reshaped man to perfection in
      Himself, from Mary the Mother of God through the Holy Spirit… The
      Word Himself became flesh (St. John: 1.14) not ceasing to be God, not
      changing divinity into humanity, but with the proper fullness of His
      divinity and with the proper person of God the Word. He joined
      together in His existence the being that is man's and whatever man
      is. I mean perfect man, whatever is present in man, and whatever sets
      man apart. (Ibid, Vol. II, Para 1086 P:69,70)

      The Word first came down from heaven made flesh from the womb of the
      holy Virgin subsist in Himself, and reshaped the whole humanity
      perfectly into Himself. (Ibid, Vol. II, Para 1110 P:76)

      To be continued..