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988Mother of God? Part 3

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    Aug 7, 2002
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      Mother of God? Part 3

      From the second century onwards Church fathers had in no uncertain
      terms held that Christ, born from holy Virgin Mariam, assumed a body
      formed of the substance of her human essence.

      And was incarnate of the Holy Virgin Mary Mother of God, by the Holy
      Ghost and became man;….. (Nicene Creed)

      Alexander of Alexandria (328)

      Jesus Christ, Our Lord… bore a body not in appearance, but in truth,
      derived from Mary, the Mother of God. (Ibid, Vol. I, Para 680 P:301)

      Gregory of Nazianz (330-389)

      (On the Theophany or birthday of Christ in AD 380)- To his own image
      (man) He came and took on flesh for the sake of flesh and mingled
      Himself with an intelligent soul for the sake of my soul purfyong
      like by like. In all except sin He was made Man. Conceived by the
      Virgin who first was purified in soul and body by the Sprit for it
      was needful that birth be honoured and that virginity be honoured
      even more. He then came forth with that which He had assumed, one
      from two opposites, flesh and sprit, of which the one was deifying,
      the other deified.- (Ibd, Vol. II, Para 1006 P:35)

      To be continued..